Tuesday, December 18, 2012

1/2 Off CrossFit For 1 Month!

In lieu of the family/friend 1/2 off deal that the gym is putting on, I figured it was time you all had another workout to try out. Plus the weather is so lovely, some of you may not want to get off your behinds to go to the gym. So why not do it at home? This WOD was one of our activities the other night when I got home from work. I apparently slept in and couldn't get up early enough to do a workout, so Ty planned it as an activity when I got home so we could get it in. How sweet! I'm sure many of you are thinking that this Christ-STAN-mas activity seems like a terrible activity.

Anyway, let me know if you're interested in the 1/2 off deal. I have a few passes left! They offer so many classes during the day unlike some of the other CF gyms, Jack and Aubry are great, all the people that go aren't d-bags like you get at any other gym, and to top it all off you could see Ty and I more! It's good til February, so holler atcha girl ;-)

Now, time to get your booty in gear. Find a space in your place and get after it!

"Jump & Clap" for Christmas
5x for time:
10 clapping push ups (do regular if you can't do the clapping)
20 jumping squats (do regular squats if you can't do the jumping)
10 burpees

Have fun!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Day After 12-12-12

Well, I was super pumped we survived "12-12-12" until Ty made me realize that we're actually suppose to die on 12-21-12. Minor number issue, no big deal. We celebrated surviving 12-12-12 anyway. We had a lovely pork loin dinner with brussel sprouts and cooked carrots. If I ever drank wine, it seemed like dinner tonight would've been a great pairing for it. Instead I had water to celebrate.

As for Christ-STAN-mas, we have had some fun little activities. One night Ty came up with "partner stretching" and no it wasn't dirty so stop wherever your mind was going. Creative activity, hilarious in fact. That same night he included a "Did you know?" which I bet none of you knew this fact...you can go to school to learn how to act like Santa Claus. There is a Masters degree program at the International School of Santa Claus. I imagine you've got to put in your app early on if there are very few spots, so get after it if you're interested.

Tonight was not only a fancy dinner night in our workout clothes, but we mixed day 13 and 14 together since Ty will be gone tomorrow night. I got awesome Christmas socks that I must wear with spandex shorts to the gym one day so be ready for it CF friends! My activity tonight was walk to Main St. to a neat ice cream parlor that does seasonal flavors and grab a few scoops. We never get the same thing so we can try each others. I got egg nog and cinnamon, both of which were to die for. Ty got a piece of marionberry pie with peanut butter fudge ice cream. He told me he did that mix because he liked the idea that it was kinda like a pb&j sandwich. His creativity never ends! So yes, we splurged on nonpaleo items tonight. The flavor was so worth it, the feeling in my gut not so much. Good thing none of you guys have to put up with it though...

Alright, I was saving the best for last. On our walk home we had to do a nontraditional version of Christmas caroling. This meant we walked and sang. None of that ringing and singing. That would've been the most terrible thing for all. It seemed as though we were loud enough for people to hear if a window was open, but probably loud enough still for people to know we were walking by outside their home. We sang an awful version of Silent Night, but nailed the ending together. Then we attempted Joy To The World, but the bummer deal was that we couldn't seem to get the words right amongst all the laughing.

Next time we thought we'd carry the Ipad through the neighborhood blasting Christmas songs from Pandora. If you start hearing Christmas carols outside your house, we've come to bless your holiday season (feel lucky)...from our house to yours, have a silent night all!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

3 Things. That's It.

So I stayed up til just after 3 this morning trying to get those silly Christmas gifts done. Then I woke up early and have been doing them ever since. I know Christmas isn't tomorrow, but there was a deadline. A shipping deadline that is. Ty tried to hang with the night owl (ya, that's me...my dad use to call me that), but he couldn't. I caught him snoring with his Outside magazine on his belly in our room. Don't tell him.

There are a few problems with having OCD issues. One, I can't stop. Two, which lends it hand tonot going to sleep. Three, I hate sleeping in or I consider it a wasted day. This all leads to one big problem, which is no sleep. The great thing about it is that I get lots of stuff like all these crafty little Christmas decorations I've made. Again, wish I could show you but that's one thing I can't get OCD about is figuring out this whole blog thing. A few of you have been fortunate to see the projects. The unfortunate part about it is you've had to look at the picture from my really cool "crackberry." That means you only kinda get to see it.

On that note, the crackberry...it's getting to that point. I don't think it's going to make the turnaround like it did in September. For those of you who don't know, I have had the same blackberry since I got back from Africa. That's been over 4 years ago. Ancient, I know. It still can call and text. Now it's just that I can't receive picture messages anymore or even bother sending them, the buttons are so worn that you can't tell which is the menu button, sometimes it reboots itself at Ty's parents house over and over again until the battery dies, and you get the point. I apparently have a weird attachment to this awful phone. To sum this up, yes I need a new phone. Yes it will happen in the next couple months. And yes, I may have to bring back the flip phone ;-)

Ok so the real 3 things I'm obsessed with at the moment is what I was suppose to get on here to tell you about. I know, I got distracted. It happens more than I'd like it to. Trust me, eat all three of these things and you'll be happy. Or eat them and don't be happy, either way. My tastebuds are different than yours, I get it.

  • Breakfast: (almost oatmeal) no sugar added applesauce with either sunbutter (homemade is awesome) or almond butter (the winco maker is my favorite plus watching it is always amusing). Eat some protein with that too...an egg, bacon, whatever your buds like.
  • Lunch/Dinner: cook up some ground turkey, saute some veggies (we used chopped onions and  grated sweet potatoes since thats all that was left around the house), mix them together, make some guacamole or slice an avocado for the top, throw some salsa and/or hot sauce on it and you're set. Our friends, Nick and Pennie suggested doing it cuz it's quick and easy. We ate it plain, but with more veggies we've turned something like this into a taco salad when you put it on top of an acorn squash. Double it up and you've got leftovers to satisfy your belly!
  • Snack: blend an avocado, a couple or few tablespoons of cocoa powder, 3-4 good squirts of honey, and a big pinch of salt in your food processor. Top it off mini dark chocolate chips (I use Enjoy Life..nondairy-soy-gluten mini chips) This is my new drug. Well if I was addicted to a first drug, this would be the next. Don't worry, I'm not addicted to drugs.
I lied when I said "3 things, that's it." Never believe me. Well believe me on some things because I'm not always a liar. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday because before you know it Monday will be in your face.

Friday, December 7, 2012

25 Days of Christ-STAN-mas

Well, I've been sitting on my ass (apologizing up front for the language) since I woke up...I take that back, I've been on the same spot on the couch since umm, last night! I've also been sitting in the dark all day too. Weird. I have gotten up for only a few things. One time I made avocado chocolate pudding for breakfast along with a meatloaf muffin. That's weird too, I know. Then I got up because I HAD to plug in the computer. Last time I was up I warmed up some leftover pumpkin chili and finally brushed my teeth at like 1:30pm. Weird and gross. Don't judge.

Anyway, I've been on the couch because I'm in a rush to get some Christmas gifts done. And no, I won't share them on here because they're obviously for the only few people that read the blog. You'll have to wait for Christmas...or for some, your birthday. You know who you are. I figured why bother getting up quite yet when I could sit here on the computer and update you guys on what we did this week. Get ready, it's pretty exciting!

I made this really cute advent calender a year ago in preparation for this year. I'd love to show you a picture, but we're still having issues in that area. Just go with it, it really is a little masterpiece. Ty and I have divided up the days so we each have 12 days we're in charge of coming with either an activity or giving a mini gift (like under 5 bucks). Obviously Christmas is an activity in itself, so by default it gives us each an even amount to do. The final rule is that we have to do majority of the days as an activity and limit the gifts. ChriSTANmas is now a week underway and here is what we've come up with:

  • Ty: I gave Cori Santa Claus cupcake liners with little santa hats to put on top of the frosting. The boss was in charge of making chocolate peppermint mocha cupcakes with a light peppermint flavored frosting. They were a hit when I took them to share with everybody at school. I strayed away from that paleo business so I could try them. They were so worth it! Not that I'd tell her any different anyway... ;-)
  • Cori: I wanted to start out ChriSTANmas with a bang. I swooped up a pair of "naughty" briefs for my man along with some "bad to the bone" skull head socks. The undies were red and said naughty all over them. The socks just had skull heads at the top and were black. So much more fun to put a name on them though. Anyway, the "bang" was that he had to put JUST those two pieces of clothing on, pick his favorite song to dance to, and had to dance however he wanted. I'll leave it at that Ty picked a great song (Lollipop I believe it's called), really danced (I'll keep it PG here haha), and was a trooper for going along with my first activity.
  • Ty: I found a letter 'C' sticky note pad in our desk drawer and thought it would be a good idea to write my activity(ies). Cori informed me after she picked it out of the day 3 box that I'm doing the activity thing wrong. I had put all the activities I could think of that started with a C on the sticky note assuming we could do one of them another time. I didn't realize we were suppose to do it at that moment. I've learned since...It was getting late into the night, so we ended up Cuddling. It started with a C so I went with it.
  • Cori: I made Ty a little card with a bible verse relating to Christmas, a reason why I loved him, and included the activity. This one was sure not a bang like the last. In fact, it was the complete opposite. We started a puzzle of New York, tried a new fruit, and went crazy and popped open a gingerade kombucha. It literally popped when we opened it. So back to the fruit. Have you guys tried a persimmon? I suggest you do. More for the sake of something weird to try and something that is hilarious to watch people eat. The stuff tastes good for the first 3 seconds, then all of a sudden your mouth turns to chalk. No joke. To the point that it took a lot of fluid to get it to wash away. Try it, seriously.
  • Ty: I copied Cori and did a bible verse on another letter C sticky note (different one though), told her a reason I love her, and planned our activity for the following morning. We love our two mile walk we do around downtown Vancouver, so we had to get get up before 5am and walk before she had to get ready for work.
  • Cori: This time I made a card that started with the activity, which was kiss under the mistletoe (I bought a weird box of mistletoe at Walmart last week). The card listed funny facts about mistletoe...I'll include you in on one. Apparently mistle means "dung" and toe or what was "tan" in another language meant "stick." They said mistletoe was "dung on a stick." The activity didn't seem quite as appealing after hearing that fact. Oh well, just another weird thing for the day.
That's what we've got for you for now. It's probably about time I get off this spot anyway. We could potentially not have anything left to this cushion when I'm done with it if I don't. Here's the link to the paleo pumpkin chili (no beans people, it's the paleo way)...it's great to serve for company, super easy, and if you make a double batch when you have it with company I will bet you'll still have so much leftovers to freeze. Great to pull out of the freezer if you don't feel like cooking later down the road!


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Life's Whirlwinds

I worked this weekend and also went to bed way too late both nights. Not the best combo! I must've been really excited about the start to the 25 days of ChriSTANmas. It was proved by the fact I got to work and right before I could clock in, I had to rush to the bathroom (there's really no in between when it's time to go). Well as I was fixin' to be done on the throne I realized my undies were on INSIDE OUT. Apparently I was a little out of it this morning when I was getting dressed. I didn't have time to fix them so they stayed that way. The little things in life that make my day!

Well that isn't what I call a life whirlwind, but figured I'd share it with you guys anyway to start this out with a chuckle before it gets more on a serious note. What I'm talking about is when I see families who come in to the hospital only to find out after several tests that their mom and or dad has cancer that has metastasized and that they most likely have six months or less to live...or those who have a family member who have had a couple acute diagnoses in the past, but would've never thought all of those were caused by one disease many years later. I give these two examples that stand out in my mind.

1) I ran into a daughter of a patient I had at the beginning of the year and the first thing she said to me was 'you were my mother's angel.' If that didn't just about make me want to cry, the sad part was that I found out she passed away only a week after leaving the hospital. This woman was wonderful. I loved the fact that she was kinda grumpy, but she came around to me. She loved hearing any stories I had for her (especially the engagement story) and she fired her stories right back at me. I was fortunate to be with her and her family before she asked to go home so she could die there.

In nursing, there's something that I've come across when I have dying patients...those who have some sort of faith have confidence in the dying process. They are ready to confront death and somehow appear at ease with it. This woman's faith got her through that full week before she passed.

On Sunday, I was reminded why I went into nursing when that woman spoke those strong words...nurses can be angels I suppose in one way or another. I suppose this means I'll continue my career in nursing.

2) The second whirlwind is in regards to my sister, Allison. If I had any way to stop "life's whirlwinds" from coming at her I would. Al has never been given the easy route on any health issue. This gal can't seem to catch a break with one thing after another, but somehow she keeps pushing through it all. When news came last week, I felt unlike a nurse. Unlike a nurse in the sense of, this was my family, this wasn't my patient's family. Honestly, I was at loss with words when Mark told me. Although the news is a prelim, the medical thoughts in my mind wouldn't stop. Ty went directly to the computer to research so he could know what those words meant, but quiet he was. Best part about this all was hearing Al's voice...you would think she'd be down, but that woman still has this inner drive whether she knows it or not. Something keeps telling her to push on even after life keeps throwing another thing at her. We now have to sit, wait, and pray until she makes it through all her appointments.

As we all know, we can never expect any of life's whirlwinds. I suppose they are meant to knock us down and make us get back up somehow or another. As I see it, it's not just teaching us how to get back up but it's telling us to live each day. For those patients I see who don't get that chance to get back up, it makes me realize that you can't go back to fix or to do. For Allison, I see her living every day by pushing through each day with pain and exhaustion with no complaints, continuing to be an amazing gymnastics coach for those girls, making the best of every minute with her kids, and not letting her illness slow her down. Ty and I see that in her and are always amazed by how she keeps going. If that doesn't give us all some motivation or strength to see someone do so much in life all awhile being ill, I'm not sure how to inspire you.

Yes I know, it's so easy to say live life to the fullest or any of those other quotes but let this inspire each of us to go, do, live, etc. For us, we see living as us traveling, staying healthy, and spending our time with family and friends. For all you others (those 5 or so of you that even read this blog haha), you make that decision.

(For those interested, I found a website that you can purchase apparel and accessories that donate money to Crohn's charities.

http://gifts4awareness.com/cgi-bin/store/cpshop.cgi/shop.gifts4awareness.9428965+crohns-disease-keep-calm-fight-on-shirts.html#.UL5V62Cy2eZ )

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thong, Tha-Thong, Thong

Remember the song, The Thong Song? What a hit that was. I thought about bustin' it out at 1045 this morning when the AAA guy came to change my tire. Ok, no I didn't. It was an afterthought I had. Nonetheless, I had a flat tire. Not only did I have a flat tire, but I drove on the road with it. Really smart idea. I'm not sure why I didn't put two and two together this morning when last night I thought I heard my tire actually pop and when I was trying to back out of the driveway, the car was barely moving. All I did was check to make sure I had taken off the emergency break and off I went. No big deal, well at least until I got out of my car to pump my gas! It finally dawned on me why the car didn't quite seem right when I was driving ON THE RIM of the car. Ga!

Anyway, I didn't want to get stuck down at the gas station not too far from our little place so I drove back home. Of course, I missed one of the lights and the little Asian man behind me got out of his van and ran up to my car window to tell me about my tire (as if I didn't know!). I was just trying to prove to everybody that the fact that some women are terrible drivers/don't know anything about there car. Ok, no I wasn't...I just wanted to be a bit ignorant to the car and get home to a warm house. So dumb.

Alright, now I'm back home and the AAA guy shows up, asks me to push all my junk in my trunk (haha no pun intended, but it goes with the song anyway) to the back of the trunk. I do so and what goes flying...a THONG! haha Best part about it is I have no idea if it was truly mine. Not in a gross way, but in a way that after having suitcases and bags from the wedding in my trunk I question who it belongs to. If you're missing a pair of thong undies, holler at me. I've got 'em!

That's my thong song story and the main excitement of my day.

Cori asked me last night to check the tire because she thought something was wrong with it and although I'm pretty good at doing so, we got a little sidetracked and I spaced out this morning too. Since we're on the topic of thongs, butts, etc. I figured I'd let you in on how to get a good lookin' booty like my wife's boot. Here's a little Crossfit WOD (workout of the day) to do at home for all those who want to join in on a healthy lifestyle and want a booty-do. While you're at it play the Thong Song just for kicks.

     WOD 1:
     Warm-up by jump roping 75 times, doing 50 jumping jacks, 25 mt climbers, 10 push-ups, 5 sit ups

 25 Regular Squats or Jumping squats (be sure to go down to 90 degrees)
 50 Push-ups
 25 Jumping Lunges (switch legs back and forth for a total of 25 on each leg)
 50 Sit ups (sit with soles of your feet together, then attempt the sit ups)
 25 Burpees (Google it if you need a reference as to what they are)

Shout out to Dad for his birfday today. We love you!

Have a wonderful Friday all!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Paleo Goodness

The crossfit/paleo challenge is coming down to the wire...Ty's team is just trailing behind mine and all I know is that I am dying to win this challenge. I can't let Ty's team beat my team again, especially if it means my team is in the running for some Crossfit gear. What I'd do for a crossfit shirt (I could always buy one, I know). Ty has a cool one from the last challenge, I'm determined to get the next one.

What comes to mind when you think paleo? Tell me you don't first think of energy drinks. If you do, then just stop reading now. Ty and I about died when we saw someone post on their food logs weird stuff they thought was paleo. Since when was an energy drink even good for you anyway?! To be on the paleo diet and use an energy drink as part of a recovery drink, seriously? Ok, enough of my ranting. It's not paleo, it's just processed garbage. Don't drink them.

What you should drink is water. For me, I do coconut water and/or kambucha especially since Vancouver water tastes like dirt. Ty is not so in love with coconut water, but to each his own. The first time we had one it smelled like poo, no joke. It was a monster to try to choke down. It's still a gross smelling drink to Ty, but myself on the other hand...I've been buying them by the case at the little Asian store in Vancouver. LOVE them!

And what should you eat? Oh we've got the answer for you. Paleo style anything. I'd suggest searching the world wide web for info on the paleo diet. Wouldn't hurt ya to know more about if you plan on getting started! We eat paleo 90% of the time I'd say. Those 10% of times we have our occasional upset stomach or headaches for those splurges. Those things in life are so worth it though! Here are our hot bods from the first challenge:

(Pictures are currently not available at this time due to some technical issue. Check back later!)

The most recent deliciousness we made was pulled pork over plantain mash. Good ish, no joke. Most of our recipes are stolen from some website or book, so credit to those fools makin' up all these recipes. We love them all, well most of them. Now it's your turn to test them out as we did and see what you think! Enjoy!

    Easy Crock Pot Pork Over Plantain Mash
     (Credit: paleomg)
Easy Crock Pot Pork:

    1-2lb pork loin, frozen
    1 yellow onion, cut it up
    2-3 cups beef broth (depending on the size of your pork)
    1 tablespoon garlic powder
    1 teaspoon onion powder
    Salt & pepper to taste

Plantain Mash:

    4 ripe plantains, peeled and sliced in half
    2 tablespoons coconut oil
    1-2 teaspoon cinnamon
    Pinch of salt
    3-4 tablespoons coconut milk

Don't freak out because this is so easy. You ready? Ok, throw that pork, the onions, beef broth, garlic and onion powders, and salt and pepper in a crock pot. Turn it on. Leave it on for 8-10 hours. Once done, shred it in the crock pot. Bomb!

Now throw the oil and sliced plantains on a pan on med heat. Sprinkle them with your cinnamon and salt. Cook until brown on each side. Throw them in a food processor/blender with the coconut milk.

Slop some of that on each plate, cover with the pork, and top it with sliced avocado if you want to get crazy.

Friday, November 16, 2012

We're Doin' It!

If your mind was in the gutter, get it out. That's not what we meant.

I’m home by myself as always am on my days off. I like to think I can get pretty creative during these times. Or maybe I should say I think of lots of ideas, not all of which turn into a final project. That being said, I’ve decided to take the initiative to start a blog. Yes, another blog. That makes four (yes, four) for all those who have known about all the previous. I’m convincing myself this is a good idea to start this one though. Plus I’d rather be doing this than working on my project for work or emailing my manager about needing time off for conferences. So yes, this is a good idea for those times I want to be doing something other than what needs to be done. For Ty, maybe it will just end up being another thing on his plate. Either way, we're doin' it!

Anyway, back to this blog. What will it be about? Honestly, I’m not sure so don't ask. I’m in one of those inspirational/motivated type-of-moods so it will end up being a hodge podge (or is it modge podge) of things. Maybe the blog will have some days we can inspire you all to test out our favorite paleo recipes or maybe you'll just find them gross. How about motivating you all do get a quick crossfit-like workout in at home? We can help with that sometimes too or you could be totally turned off from wanting to do it. No big deal. Want updates on our future travel dreams? We can throw that out here and there. Other days you can read about what we’re up to or what we’re wanting to do, but instead we’re sitting on the couch doing nothing. Speaking of nothing, I’m learning I need more of those days. Keyword “learning” because we all know how hard it is for me to sit more than 15 minutes unless I’m sitting and doing something rather than doing nothing or what most just call “relaxing.”

If any of you care to know, I actually did nothing last weekend. That’s right, nothing. My little secret…I took a nap for 30 minutes while Ty was at the grocery store. I enjoyed it, I think. I just had to block out all those thoughts of what I could be doing instead of nothing. I realized I make lists of dumb stuff that doesn’t need to be done. Another secret: I use to make lists and I'd put stupid stuff on there like "put on deodorant," "wash face," and so on. Kind of embarrassing, but I'm just letting those secrets out today. Maybe you can relate, to lists that is. I doubt many of you took it as far as I did. Good news is I don't make lists like that now though.

Thank the Lord Ty still loves me for all that though. It’s just another reason why Ty and I married each other. He can do nothing and feel good, he can sleep in and not think he wasted the day, and he can go along with all the to do’s that are needed to be done on my to do list. I should probably start adding “naps” and “nothing” to my lists for his sake. That way I can actually live to be 100 with him. At least that’s my goal. Ya we know we have no control over that but we're hoping for a good 100 years.

But seriously, Ty and I are starting a blog. Ty doesn’t know yet, but he will when he gets home from work. Here’s to making stupid to do lists, 3 months of married life, and the beginning of our blog!


Us Stanwees!