Friday, November 16, 2012

We're Doin' It!

If your mind was in the gutter, get it out. That's not what we meant.

I’m home by myself as always am on my days off. I like to think I can get pretty creative during these times. Or maybe I should say I think of lots of ideas, not all of which turn into a final project. That being said, I’ve decided to take the initiative to start a blog. Yes, another blog. That makes four (yes, four) for all those who have known about all the previous. I’m convincing myself this is a good idea to start this one though. Plus I’d rather be doing this than working on my project for work or emailing my manager about needing time off for conferences. So yes, this is a good idea for those times I want to be doing something other than what needs to be done. For Ty, maybe it will just end up being another thing on his plate. Either way, we're doin' it!

Anyway, back to this blog. What will it be about? Honestly, I’m not sure so don't ask. I’m in one of those inspirational/motivated type-of-moods so it will end up being a hodge podge (or is it modge podge) of things. Maybe the blog will have some days we can inspire you all to test out our favorite paleo recipes or maybe you'll just find them gross. How about motivating you all do get a quick crossfit-like workout in at home? We can help with that sometimes too or you could be totally turned off from wanting to do it. No big deal. Want updates on our future travel dreams? We can throw that out here and there. Other days you can read about what we’re up to or what we’re wanting to do, but instead we’re sitting on the couch doing nothing. Speaking of nothing, I’m learning I need more of those days. Keyword “learning” because we all know how hard it is for me to sit more than 15 minutes unless I’m sitting and doing something rather than doing nothing or what most just call “relaxing.”

If any of you care to know, I actually did nothing last weekend. That’s right, nothing. My little secret…I took a nap for 30 minutes while Ty was at the grocery store. I enjoyed it, I think. I just had to block out all those thoughts of what I could be doing instead of nothing. I realized I make lists of dumb stuff that doesn’t need to be done. Another secret: I use to make lists and I'd put stupid stuff on there like "put on deodorant," "wash face," and so on. Kind of embarrassing, but I'm just letting those secrets out today. Maybe you can relate, to lists that is. I doubt many of you took it as far as I did. Good news is I don't make lists like that now though.

Thank the Lord Ty still loves me for all that though. It’s just another reason why Ty and I married each other. He can do nothing and feel good, he can sleep in and not think he wasted the day, and he can go along with all the to do’s that are needed to be done on my to do list. I should probably start adding “naps” and “nothing” to my lists for his sake. That way I can actually live to be 100 with him. At least that’s my goal. Ya we know we have no control over that but we're hoping for a good 100 years.

But seriously, Ty and I are starting a blog. Ty doesn’t know yet, but he will when he gets home from work. Here’s to making stupid to do lists, 3 months of married life, and the beginning of our blog!


Us Stanwees!