Friday, December 7, 2012

25 Days of Christ-STAN-mas

Well, I've been sitting on my ass (apologizing up front for the language) since I woke up...I take that back, I've been on the same spot on the couch since umm, last night! I've also been sitting in the dark all day too. Weird. I have gotten up for only a few things. One time I made avocado chocolate pudding for breakfast along with a meatloaf muffin. That's weird too, I know. Then I got up because I HAD to plug in the computer. Last time I was up I warmed up some leftover pumpkin chili and finally brushed my teeth at like 1:30pm. Weird and gross. Don't judge.

Anyway, I've been on the couch because I'm in a rush to get some Christmas gifts done. And no, I won't share them on here because they're obviously for the only few people that read the blog. You'll have to wait for Christmas...or for some, your birthday. You know who you are. I figured why bother getting up quite yet when I could sit here on the computer and update you guys on what we did this week. Get ready, it's pretty exciting!

I made this really cute advent calender a year ago in preparation for this year. I'd love to show you a picture, but we're still having issues in that area. Just go with it, it really is a little masterpiece. Ty and I have divided up the days so we each have 12 days we're in charge of coming with either an activity or giving a mini gift (like under 5 bucks). Obviously Christmas is an activity in itself, so by default it gives us each an even amount to do. The final rule is that we have to do majority of the days as an activity and limit the gifts. ChriSTANmas is now a week underway and here is what we've come up with:

  • Ty: I gave Cori Santa Claus cupcake liners with little santa hats to put on top of the frosting. The boss was in charge of making chocolate peppermint mocha cupcakes with a light peppermint flavored frosting. They were a hit when I took them to share with everybody at school. I strayed away from that paleo business so I could try them. They were so worth it! Not that I'd tell her any different anyway... ;-)
  • Cori: I wanted to start out ChriSTANmas with a bang. I swooped up a pair of "naughty" briefs for my man along with some "bad to the bone" skull head socks. The undies were red and said naughty all over them. The socks just had skull heads at the top and were black. So much more fun to put a name on them though. Anyway, the "bang" was that he had to put JUST those two pieces of clothing on, pick his favorite song to dance to, and had to dance however he wanted. I'll leave it at that Ty picked a great song (Lollipop I believe it's called), really danced (I'll keep it PG here haha), and was a trooper for going along with my first activity.
  • Ty: I found a letter 'C' sticky note pad in our desk drawer and thought it would be a good idea to write my activity(ies). Cori informed me after she picked it out of the day 3 box that I'm doing the activity thing wrong. I had put all the activities I could think of that started with a C on the sticky note assuming we could do one of them another time. I didn't realize we were suppose to do it at that moment. I've learned since...It was getting late into the night, so we ended up Cuddling. It started with a C so I went with it.
  • Cori: I made Ty a little card with a bible verse relating to Christmas, a reason why I loved him, and included the activity. This one was sure not a bang like the last. In fact, it was the complete opposite. We started a puzzle of New York, tried a new fruit, and went crazy and popped open a gingerade kombucha. It literally popped when we opened it. So back to the fruit. Have you guys tried a persimmon? I suggest you do. More for the sake of something weird to try and something that is hilarious to watch people eat. The stuff tastes good for the first 3 seconds, then all of a sudden your mouth turns to chalk. No joke. To the point that it took a lot of fluid to get it to wash away. Try it, seriously.
  • Ty: I copied Cori and did a bible verse on another letter C sticky note (different one though), told her a reason I love her, and planned our activity for the following morning. We love our two mile walk we do around downtown Vancouver, so we had to get get up before 5am and walk before she had to get ready for work.
  • Cori: This time I made a card that started with the activity, which was kiss under the mistletoe (I bought a weird box of mistletoe at Walmart last week). The card listed funny facts about mistletoe...I'll include you in on one. Apparently mistle means "dung" and toe or what was "tan" in another language meant "stick." They said mistletoe was "dung on a stick." The activity didn't seem quite as appealing after hearing that fact. Oh well, just another weird thing for the day.
That's what we've got for you for now. It's probably about time I get off this spot anyway. We could potentially not have anything left to this cushion when I'm done with it if I don't. Here's the link to the paleo pumpkin chili (no beans people, it's the paleo way)'s great to serve for company, super easy, and if you make a double batch when you have it with company I will bet you'll still have so much leftovers to freeze. Great to pull out of the freezer if you don't feel like cooking later down the road!