Sunday, December 9, 2012

3 Things. That's It.

So I stayed up til just after 3 this morning trying to get those silly Christmas gifts done. Then I woke up early and have been doing them ever since. I know Christmas isn't tomorrow, but there was a deadline. A shipping deadline that is. Ty tried to hang with the night owl (ya, that's dad use to call me that), but he couldn't. I caught him snoring with his Outside magazine on his belly in our room. Don't tell him.

There are a few problems with having OCD issues. One, I can't stop. Two, which lends it hand tonot going to sleep. Three, I hate sleeping in or I consider it a wasted day. This all leads to one big problem, which is no sleep. The great thing about it is that I get lots of stuff like all these crafty little Christmas decorations I've made. Again, wish I could show you but that's one thing I can't get OCD about is figuring out this whole blog thing. A few of you have been fortunate to see the projects. The unfortunate part about it is you've had to look at the picture from my really cool "crackberry." That means you only kinda get to see it.

On that note, the's getting to that point. I don't think it's going to make the turnaround like it did in September. For those of you who don't know, I have had the same blackberry since I got back from Africa. That's been over 4 years ago. Ancient, I know. It still can call and text. Now it's just that I can't receive picture messages anymore or even bother sending them, the buttons are so worn that you can't tell which is the menu button, sometimes it reboots itself at Ty's parents house over and over again until the battery dies, and you get the point. I apparently have a weird attachment to this awful phone. To sum this up, yes I need a new phone. Yes it will happen in the next couple months. And yes, I may have to bring back the flip phone ;-)

Ok so the real 3 things I'm obsessed with at the moment is what I was suppose to get on here to tell you about. I know, I got distracted. It happens more than I'd like it to. Trust me, eat all three of these things and you'll be happy. Or eat them and don't be happy, either way. My tastebuds are different than yours, I get it.

  • Breakfast: (almost oatmeal) no sugar added applesauce with either sunbutter (homemade is awesome) or almond butter (the winco maker is my favorite plus watching it is always amusing). Eat some protein with that egg, bacon, whatever your buds like.
  • Lunch/Dinner: cook up some ground turkey, saute some veggies (we used chopped onions and  grated sweet potatoes since thats all that was left around the house), mix them together, make some guacamole or slice an avocado for the top, throw some salsa and/or hot sauce on it and you're set. Our friends, Nick and Pennie suggested doing it cuz it's quick and easy. We ate it plain, but with more veggies we've turned something like this into a taco salad when you put it on top of an acorn squash. Double it up and you've got leftovers to satisfy your belly!
  • Snack: blend an avocado, a couple or few tablespoons of cocoa powder, 3-4 good squirts of honey, and a big pinch of salt in your food processor. Top it off mini dark chocolate chips (I use Enjoy Life..nondairy-soy-gluten mini chips) This is my new drug. Well if I was addicted to a first drug, this would be the next. Don't worry, I'm not addicted to drugs.
I lied when I said "3 things, that's it." Never believe me. Well believe me on some things because I'm not always a liar. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday because before you know it Monday will be in your face.