Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Life's Whirlwinds

I worked this weekend and also went to bed way too late both nights. Not the best combo! I must've been really excited about the start to the 25 days of ChriSTANmas. It was proved by the fact I got to work and right before I could clock in, I had to rush to the bathroom (there's really no in between when it's time to go). Well as I was fixin' to be done on the throne I realized my undies were on INSIDE OUT. Apparently I was a little out of it this morning when I was getting dressed. I didn't have time to fix them so they stayed that way. The little things in life that make my day!

Well that isn't what I call a life whirlwind, but figured I'd share it with you guys anyway to start this out with a chuckle before it gets more on a serious note. What I'm talking about is when I see families who come in to the hospital only to find out after several tests that their mom and or dad has cancer that has metastasized and that they most likely have six months or less to live...or those who have a family member who have had a couple acute diagnoses in the past, but would've never thought all of those were caused by one disease many years later. I give these two examples that stand out in my mind.

1) I ran into a daughter of a patient I had at the beginning of the year and the first thing she said to me was 'you were my mother's angel.' If that didn't just about make me want to cry, the sad part was that I found out she passed away only a week after leaving the hospital. This woman was wonderful. I loved the fact that she was kinda grumpy, but she came around to me. She loved hearing any stories I had for her (especially the engagement story) and she fired her stories right back at me. I was fortunate to be with her and her family before she asked to go home so she could die there.

In nursing, there's something that I've come across when I have dying patients...those who have some sort of faith have confidence in the dying process. They are ready to confront death and somehow appear at ease with it. This woman's faith got her through that full week before she passed.

On Sunday, I was reminded why I went into nursing when that woman spoke those strong words...nurses can be angels I suppose in one way or another. I suppose this means I'll continue my career in nursing.

2) The second whirlwind is in regards to my sister, Allison. If I had any way to stop "life's whirlwinds" from coming at her I would. Al has never been given the easy route on any health issue. This gal can't seem to catch a break with one thing after another, but somehow she keeps pushing through it all. When news came last week, I felt unlike a nurse. Unlike a nurse in the sense of, this was my family, this wasn't my patient's family. Honestly, I was at loss with words when Mark told me. Although the news is a prelim, the medical thoughts in my mind wouldn't stop. Ty went directly to the computer to research so he could know what those words meant, but quiet he was. Best part about this all was hearing Al's voice...you would think she'd be down, but that woman still has this inner drive whether she knows it or not. Something keeps telling her to push on even after life keeps throwing another thing at her. We now have to sit, wait, and pray until she makes it through all her appointments.

As we all know, we can never expect any of life's whirlwinds. I suppose they are meant to knock us down and make us get back up somehow or another. As I see it, it's not just teaching us how to get back up but it's telling us to live each day. For those patients I see who don't get that chance to get back up, it makes me realize that you can't go back to fix or to do. For Allison, I see her living every day by pushing through each day with pain and exhaustion with no complaints, continuing to be an amazing gymnastics coach for those girls, making the best of every minute with her kids, and not letting her illness slow her down. Ty and I see that in her and are always amazed by how she keeps going. If that doesn't give us all some motivation or strength to see someone do so much in life all awhile being ill, I'm not sure how to inspire you.

Yes I know, it's so easy to say live life to the fullest or any of those other quotes but let this inspire each of us to go, do, live, etc. For us, we see living as us traveling, staying healthy, and spending our time with family and friends. For all you others (those 5 or so of you that even read this blog haha), you make that decision.

(For those interested, I found a website that you can purchase apparel and accessories that donate money to Crohn's charities.

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