Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Day After 12-12-12

Well, I was super pumped we survived "12-12-12" until Ty made me realize that we're actually suppose to die on 12-21-12. Minor number issue, no big deal. We celebrated surviving 12-12-12 anyway. We had a lovely pork loin dinner with brussel sprouts and cooked carrots. If I ever drank wine, it seemed like dinner tonight would've been a great pairing for it. Instead I had water to celebrate.

As for Christ-STAN-mas, we have had some fun little activities. One night Ty came up with "partner stretching" and no it wasn't dirty so stop wherever your mind was going. Creative activity, hilarious in fact. That same night he included a "Did you know?" which I bet none of you knew this can go to school to learn how to act like Santa Claus. There is a Masters degree program at the International School of Santa Claus. I imagine you've got to put in your app early on if there are very few spots, so get after it if you're interested.

Tonight was not only a fancy dinner night in our workout clothes, but we mixed day 13 and 14 together since Ty will be gone tomorrow night. I got awesome Christmas socks that I must wear with spandex shorts to the gym one day so be ready for it CF friends! My activity tonight was walk to Main St. to a neat ice cream parlor that does seasonal flavors and grab a few scoops. We never get the same thing so we can try each others. I got egg nog and cinnamon, both of which were to die for. Ty got a piece of marionberry pie with peanut butter fudge ice cream. He told me he did that mix because he liked the idea that it was kinda like a pb&j sandwich. His creativity never ends! So yes, we splurged on nonpaleo items tonight. The flavor was so worth it, the feeling in my gut not so much. Good thing none of you guys have to put up with it though...

Alright, I was saving the best for last. On our walk home we had to do a nontraditional version of Christmas caroling. This meant we walked and sang. None of that ringing and singing. That would've been the most terrible thing for all. It seemed as though we were loud enough for people to hear if a window was open, but probably loud enough still for people to know we were walking by outside their home. We sang an awful version of Silent Night, but nailed the ending together. Then we attempted Joy To The World, but the bummer deal was that we couldn't seem to get the words right amongst all the laughing.

Next time we thought we'd carry the Ipad through the neighborhood blasting Christmas songs from Pandora. If you start hearing Christmas carols outside your house, we've come to bless your holiday season (feel lucky)...from our house to yours, have a silent night all!