Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Bit Old School

#AMradio #oldschoolphones #noTV #eatinglikecavemenandoldladies

This is my life. Life of the dinosaur ages. Or so I feel I should've been born into times from way back. I love warm water and prunes (so great-grandma like), we eat like cavemen, I have an obsession with antiques, I have a phone that's 4.5 years old and I have no idea how to work a touch screen phone (in fact I fear them), we don't have a TV, and I get by with my AM radio stations for all the details I could ever want (such as stocks or stories of the man who put his mother's chihuhua in the oven because he was angry...he roasted that dog at 350 degrees. WTF!). Anyway, I can't say we live the most high-tech, up to date lives. But we do in fact, love every bit of those silly things. And I love every one of you that like to give me a hard time...especially about my crackberry.

I know I've made slight remarks here and there about the crackberry. It's been with me as long as Ty has known me...4.5 years! That's too long, right? For the phone that is, not Ty. I think I'll keep him around. This phone though, it is a trooper. I think more than anything now, I'm having a hard time letting it go. And like I said before, touch screens and up to date phones scare me. I'm borrowing my brother in-law's old phone and can't figure much of it out. If you've wondered why I haven't texted much or called you back instead of texting...well it's because 
I am struggling with the touch screen. 
Sad, I know.

The minor cosmetic issues of it all

You know it's time you need to get a new phone when:

*The screen has been cracked for 4 years
*It doesn't have the internet, GPS, or any of those other high tech things
*You've had to replace the ball 3 times just so you can actually roll it all directions
*The phone resets itself whenever it wants to
*It decides what it wants to keep or delete (pictures included)
*You have to be very, very careful or else the back piece will fall off
*Some, I say only some, of the buttons have rubbed off (pretty good for 4.5 years)
*Best one yet...the guy at the T-mobile store told me if I wanted to upload my phone info to the computer, I'd have to go to GOODWILL to find a piece that connects the phone to the computer. No joke, they don't have anymore and he's pretty sure he's seen them there. 
That was slightly embarrassing yet hilarious.

Are you wondering what the next plan is for a phone? No. That's fine cuz I'm goingto tell you anyway. I've been scoping the store for new phones when I've had to go in there recently for "cosmetic issues" causing technical problems (ever had those? Didn't think so). I don't care to have the internet on my phone, or GPS, or any of those other offers they suggest so I'm tempted to bring back a flip phone. Alright, maybe not the flip phone part but I'm pretty serious on the rest. I will, however, attempt to get use to a touch screen of some sort for the next phone. I think.

Here's to being a bit old school when it comes to all the techy stuff, keepin' life simple, and holding on to that longevity verse going for the coolest and newest!

Have I told you guys how obsessed I am with Macklemore? I either have him on replay on YouTube or the designated Macklemore Pandora station going ALL DAY LONG. No lies in that. Ask my brother how I get when I like a song...guaranteed he'd say 'annoying'. Ty's common phrase is, 'never heard this song before' as it had only been played 57 times before that one (but I know he secretly loves it too). It all started with the song Same Love. You should have to same love for Macklemore too.