Sunday, January 27, 2013

Climbing: One. Stair. At. A. Time.

So maybe we didn't do one at a time and instead found that two at a time worked best for us. 
Never paying any attention to the floor number we'd pass by, tuning out what our bodies were really doing, and having a supportive CF that was how we made it through the stair climb today.

Thank you all who donated to help support the ALA and make 
it possible for us to climb the stairs today!

What we accomplished first.

*164 flights of stairs
*3,468 individual stairs
*494 elevation gain each time up
*4 short elevator rides between each round of stairs

A sticker for each time we made it to the top...round 3 here.

I may look a bit sleepy...I did just pull overtime at work and didn't get home til after midnight, slept a iffy 5 hours, then came to climb stairs. All worth it!

2nd place for the women's division and 4th place for the men's!

What we accomplished second.

*41 more flights of stairs
*867 more individual stairs
*494 foot elevation gain, again
*1 more short elevator ride down...


Pants, oversized boots, jacket, a heavy oxygen tank on my back, and a hard hat.
I had the best husband to do it all over again with me for the support!
Believe it.

What we learned.

*Breathing. Don't take it for granted. Think twice about those with lung cancer and how 
they struggle every day to breathe.
*The stairwell rail. It's your friend in times like these. Every person in the climb today used it 
today, whether it was for balance or to pull them up to the next step. 
It's almost like a metaphor for how each person with lung cancer needs someone. They need that 
'rail' to hold onto during their doctor appointments, their chemo runs, and when they're laying
in a hospital bed if their life is coming to an end. Be that 'rail' for someone.
*Thank your firefighters. All that weight, the inability to move as freely as you would without all the gear, and how fast they have to do it it...wowza! Ty and I have to give them all credit for the amount of weight they carry around to do their job. As fun as it was in all that gear, I'll probably stick to nursing and Ty with teaching.

This lovely pink building, the biggest in Portland, will forever have an entire different 
meaning when I see it each day I go to work. Something about having to climb the stairs in this 
building doesn't quite have the same feel like it does when you go there for a lovely 
dinner at the PCG (thank goodness they don't make you take the stairs to the restaurant).

Now it's your guys' turn! Your AHWOD...

15 box jumps
30 double unders (or single jump ropes)
15 air squats
30 lunges
15 burpees