Saturday, January 26, 2013

Date Night

We got so incredibly spoiled on our date night! First, our friends Nick & Pennie gave 
us awesome seats to the UofP mens basketball game. Then we headed down to 
Papa Haydn's in NW to use our gift card that Cori got in a Christmas 
gift exchange from my cousin Kait.

We went back to Cori's stomping grounds. Well, where she stomped 
from her car to the nursing classrooms and back again 
(she didn't get out of those classes much unless it was time to go home). 

The game was close the entire time... it wasn't until the last 2 minutes that San Fran tied the game up, UP missed their last shot, and SF made a 3 pointer with .1 seconds left to go. Such a great game to watch and something we never do. Special thanks to the McCartys!

Want to know a funny story?
When Cori and I first started hanging out during the summer of 2008, she said she'd pick up dessert for the two of us at Papa Haydn's on her way home from work. I thought I'd surprise her with flowers and chapstick (she had been texting me earlier in the day about how chapped her lips were and that she didn't have any chapstick). 
I thought it was a nice gesture...Cori on the other hand thought otherwise.
It was probably a good thing I at least ditched the flowers in someone's yard that night. 
It probably would've put her over the top!

(Cori)-What was weird was that when I got to Papa Haydn's that night, I had this odd feeling. Kinda like you get when someone is following you. Funny thing was that someone was following me. I was ordering a few desserts in the restaurant when Ty "surprised" me. Not cool. It would've been cool if we actually knew each other more than like a week and maybe if I already hadn't had this feeling that he was kinda creepy. He had to just go a bit overboard and do this surprise thing. I acted cool about it during that moment, but in my head I was thinking "who is this creep showing up unexpectedly when I'm capable to get dessert on my own?" We got the desserts, headed out of the restaurant, and I immediately got in my car to call Kels. I gave her the scoop on what had happened and I could tell even she was weirded out! And to this day, Kels will tell you she thought Ty was
not going to last after that incident.
(I'll tell you what though, the Lord sure has a funny way of making his plan work. Each of our stories tend to make us laugh with how they turned out. Thank goodness it all worked out in the end!)

(Ty)-I have since had to live a few of those moments down...between the Papa Haydn's incident and a whole different night I told Cori I loved her when we weren't even together (I may have had a few to drink). I thought for sure that was the end of my chances with her. Somehow I made it out alright and ended up with the girl I knew I'd marry from the first time I met her. And it only took me a few times to creep her out to finally get her to say yes!

Not just that, but we have made it a third time for another date night at Papa Haydn's!

This time we tried new surprises, no flowers, and not a single chapstick was involved.

Just us, some desserts...

And upset stomachs afterwards.

'Baked Alaska'
Banana, vanilla, & chocolate ice cream 
smashed between crushed wafers &
a tasty meringue

Flourless chocolate cake topped with raspberries (GF).

A yummy glaze with bits of dark chocolate.

The end of it all.

Where it all (kinda) started!
We owe a little credit to ya Papa H.

Papa Haydn's...the place we've made many great memories!