Tuesday, January 29, 2013

DIY Elbow Pad Sweaters

Since when were those elbow pad sweaters ever in, right? I hear ya. For some reason I'm addicted to them. I'm in love with the idea of turning an old 5 dollar sweater I found at Goodwill into one that has a little something extra to it. I also love that Ty has a few already made, store bought elbow pad button ups in his closet. In fact, he loves them too. So yes, they are in...at least for the moment in the Stanley household. I can only imagine looking back and saying, 'What were we thinking?' At least you can trust me on Ty's shirt when I say they are stylish. 
Mine...I guess we'll see.

Here's that man of mine!

(Target had a variety of these on sale for 8 bucks recently...Ty got a few to stock up. haha)

I found a website that had a tutorial on how to do felt elbow pads onto sweaters and seeing that they had hearts on some of them, I felt inclined to make one. With the holiday coming up, why not having a tacky sweater to go with the holiday right? Ok fine, I'll be honest. I will wear it, holiday or not.

What You Need
1 old wool sweater or cardigan
Wool roving pack, your choice of color
Felting needle
(I didn't want to buy the felting needle tool so I bought the refills,
used a 50% coupon at Joanns, and taped them all together)
Block of foam
Cookie cutter, your choice of shape
Scotch Tape

First, put the sweater on. Bend your elbow and place a piece of tape just above your elbow.

Lay your sweater down on a hard surface. Place your foam block inside the sleeve...
don't use styrofoam. I learned the hard way!
Then place one of the tips of your cookie cutter just above your piece of tape.

Pull out a medium sized chunk of the wool and lay it inside the cookie cutter. I did it by patches, working from one side to the other. Use your felting tool (notice my cheap, tacky version of the tool...
it worked so no big deal!) to jab at it over and over. Good way to release some tension if you need to.

The wool will work itself down, clinging to the sweater more and more. Once you've got the material so it's nearly flat on the sleeve, look for patches that need to be filled in. Fill those in, then remove the cookie cutter away from the sleeve.

Turn your iron on. Once ready, press and hold down on the wool shape for a few seconds.

Do the same thing for the other side...unless you just want one. I wouldn't judge if you did...I just have a side to me that everything has to be equal. Hence why I did both elbows.
Might be kinda neat to do just one anyway!

Once you're all done, lay your sweater back down on your surface and match
up the elbows to see how you did.

Confession: mine were slightly off and the heart of the left was the first one I did so it didn't
turn out all that well. I have room for improvement is what I'm saying.

Final step...try it on and love it!

All these projects have me thinking about Valentines Day!
Baking, crafting, dinner dates...Anybody have plans yet?

Happy crafting!

(Originally found on honestlywtf.com)