Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013

 2012 is long gone! Most of it was spent wedding planning and crafting since about all but like 4 things were homemade for our wedding. We have been so blessed to have all our family and friends involved in many of the things we did. After everything that happened in the year, it's no wonder it went by so fast though! Take a minute to see a few things we did...

We joined CrossFit! This is one of the challenge workouts I was doing called "Jack." 

Our niece, Evelyn Marie, was born in March.
She wore "Aunt Dori's" homemade knit hat on her first day in the world!
We've since watched her crawl, stand on her own, sign the 
word "more," and give kisses to Uncle Ty!

I turned 26, had one drink, and that was the end of it!

This cute, loving couple celebrated 60 years of marriage!

Mom and Dad celebrated 35 years of marriage.

Then Mom and Dad celebrated 30 years!

And to top it off, these young grandparents celebrated 55 years!

Hey, what do ya know...we tied the knot finally in August!
We have a ways to go to catch up with the rest of them.

We honeymooned to Kauai and hiked 12 miles to this beautiful
waterfall and swimming hole below.

We moved into the yellow sub.

Went to San Diego for Ty's best bud's wedding.
Congrats Drew and Laurel!

One of my best friends, Meg, married her love, Ben!
We love you guys!

Ty turned 27. Old man in the house now.

We celebrated our first married Christmas together...of course we 
wouldn't celebrate it on our own I guess.

Some other things that occurred...
-I wrote an article that was published in my work's newspaper.

-I was asked to be the matron of honor in Kari's wedding and I can't
wait for all the 2013 bridal/wedding events that will go on!

-Ty started his new job as the 7th grade math teacher, head 8th grade boys
football coach, head girls basketball coach, and JV boys basketball coach

-We're getting closer on deciding where our next trips will be taking us.
Spring break may be to Colorado.
Majority of the summer may be spent in SE Asia.
Nothing is final yet as we are indecisive. Stay tuned!

Happy New Year!
Oh New Years Resolutions! The top ones always seem to revolve around dieting, working out, saving money, "being a better person"--whatever that means, "living life"--again, whatever that means, quit smoking--it's gross, you shouldn't need to just make it a new year's resolution to quit, even falling in love was in the top 10 this year (how can you even make that a resolution?!), and that list keeps going on and on with more garbage. I'm sure we'd all love to know the percentage of people that even last further than the first month, right? Although, credit is due to those who end up achieving their goals. Cheers to those resolutions!

As for us, we pondered what in the world we wanted to do...Ty was too busy trying to catch snowflakes in his mouth while we were out on a walk, but this is what I gathered from him:

He wants his resolution to be that he becomes the creepiest guy out there 
(this is what happens when I do the blogging):

Recently let loose.
Hide your kids, hide your wives...

So gross, I know. I'm so thankful he doesn't truly want to have chops or a
'stache like the above pictures. I got a great laugh out of each creepy guy
he became this morning though!

You caught me. That wasn't really Ty's resolution. Go figure, right. He did get a new cyclocross bike and decided his resolution is to be bike everyday to school when the boys basketball season is over. In fact, he is really excited about this bike...he and our landlord had a bike night over beers the
other night when Ty finally got the bike. It became some sort of event. Weird.
Ty gets this giddy smile when he tells people about it and
how he got a great steal. I just love it...his excitement that is.

Now for me, I have decided on two things, none of which are going to make
 me a better person or lose 20lbs. Although maybe I should make a resolution
to get to gain some lbs...Aubry and Pennie, pump me up and
get after me about doing more weights!
Ok, but really. My two resolutions:

-Stretch. Ya I know, really dumb. You were probably hoping for a big bang for a resolution and all I've got for you is stretching. Lame. But hear me out. I went for this awesome massage and by awesome I mean the most painful thing I've experienced which made me shed some tears. I'm pretty sure I left all my mascara on the head pad by the time I was done there. He told me my muscles are like glued in numerous places. Glued, stiff, locked up, poor stretching capabilities, etc. He had nothing good to say about my muscles. APPARENTLY that's not a good thing. All I was thinking was dude, I never stretch...EVER. And why would I want to when it hurts to bad. Well, it's time to make those life changes and STRETCH.

-So rather than setting these ginormous resolutions that I'll probably forget I set in a couple weeks (at least I'm reminded to stretch at the gym most days of the week), we decided why not set monthly resolutions! So it's a resolution in itself...the resolution is to have a resolution every month. This month is to live off of half of what we previously budgeted for our 'miscellaneous' category. If you want to hang with us it may entail hangouts at home, board games, walks, paleo dinners at our place, and window shopping. It may sound boring, but you never know how crazy those sorts of things can get. 

Alright, enough of this garbage. You all need to get on with your lives. 
Here's what I did today for a workout, which means you all
need to go do it now.

Run 1 mile
100 sit ups (I did mine weighted with a weanie 8lb ball)
100 supermans
Run 1 mile

25 squats, 5 push ups (hand release at the bottom)
20 squats, 10 push ups
15 squats, 15 push ups
10 squats, 20 push ups
5 squats, 25 push ups