Thursday, January 24, 2013

Kombucha Smuch-ya

Did you all forget about that batch of bucha that was brewin' in the dark corner of our shelf? 

Well I was suppose to try the bucha on Monday. I forgot. Then Tuesday rolled around and by the time I got home from work, I was too nervous to try it. So today is suppose to be the day! I'm so afraid something could be wrong with the first batch. I mean, I followed the directions so it should be fine. It was just when I pulled it out, I was quite disturbed by the smell and what appeared to look like a creature at the top of the jar (the scoby), kinda scared me. 

Here's that creature at the top...gross. Get passed this and kombucha is totally worth it!

*Attempt number one. Here goes nothing.*

That one failed...I got too nervous to drink out of the actual jar itself.
Instead, I poured it into a cup. Attempt number 2:

*Much better!*
2 side notes...the hat, I taught myself how to cable knit and this is what turned out!
And have I told you guys how silly I feel taking pictures of myself? It's weird.

I'm very satisfied with the way it's turning out, but it needs a couple more days (it still has a
sweet flavor and that needs to be gone for it to be ready). Back to the
corner of the shelf it goes. I'm excited to put some fresh 
berries in a few jars and ginger in another for a little extra flavor!

Anybody want to join me for a cup of home brewed kombucha this weekend?

As I make batch after batch, I'll have a new scoby each time. Holler at cha girl
if you're interested in trying out your own batch and I'm happy to give
you the baby scoby. I'd suggest giving it a whirl!

*And since I'm headed to the gym, why don't you get your AHWOD in sometime today too!*

For Time:
75 box jumps
75 lunges
75 push ups
75 squats
75 situps
(if need be, you can change it to 50 if you're not quite ready for the 75)

Happy Thursday!