Monday, January 7, 2013

Mountain Trekkers, Waterfall Hunters

 We've decided in a full weekend that we are now snow bunnies. Well maybe Ty wants to be some sort of a larger snow animal. Let's call him a snow leopard. Sounds more masculine.  Anyway, we have now become in love with another wonderful outdoor activity: snowshoeing. We've done it before, but the end of the trail at this place made life seem even more amazing. It also made us snowshoe addicts.  We were saying on the way home that snowshoeing is a badass version of hiking. And only because you have to wear snowshoes rather than regular shoes, you fall into deep piles of snow if you take the wrong step, and if anything were to go sour it'd be a very cold night to have to sleep over. That's when it gets hardcore...or so we think. Either way, I made sure to come prepared. You name it I had it in our bag: a variety of first aid items, a safety kit, a large knife, two sets of hand and foot warmers, two mini warming bags (I'm not actually sure what they were, but thought it'd be good to have just in case), some food, and I think that just about covers it. So maybe not as prepared as I could've been. Unfortunately there were quite a few things missing that probably would've been even more helpful. 
Next time I'll check with Google.

Making sure the camera is working...

Highly recommended: 
-Drive up through Sandy to the mountain.
-Stop at Thriftway in Welches for a kombucha brew.
-Snowshoe the trail.
-Drive back home through Hood River.
-Stop at The Big Horse Brewery in downtown HR.
-Order fish tacos or a burger, sweet potato fries, 
the brew sampler and
 enjoy a great view of the gorge.
-Go home and rest.

We forced Aubry and Jack to go with us.
Good thing they don't mind us and enjoy some of the same things!

Check out the huge icicles!

My snow leopard ;-)

Making the trek up through the rocks.

A sneak peek into the end of the trail...

The falls!


What if you were standing under these?

There we are!


The end!

I recently had someone ask me what we do in our free time instead of going out and spending money via shopping or going to lunch, etc. Here it is, as simple as making the trek to the mountain. I suppose it isn't much of a cost if you have a car that gets decent gas mileage. Aside from that, the membership rental fees at REI can be 5-20 bucks if you don't have your own gear. What a steal!

Love always,
The Stanleys