Thursday, January 10, 2013

One (funny) Reason I Love

Don't let the title fool you. This isn't going to be a gushy reason why I love Ty. However, it still remains a reason I love him. I will say that this was the first realization that this guy...Ty...was 
THE ONE. No, actually that's a lie. If that was true, it'd be a pretty gross reason. Back to the story.

When we were young and in love, we decided to talk a nice jog along the Columbia River. This was also our first time we had ever run together (like I said, very early on in the dating years). It was all good and fine until it hit me. Bummer deal was that we were so far away from anything that I was shit out of luck. Literally. 
See where this is going?

We made it a little further and it hit me even harder, to the point I had to do that slow, awkward walk  and pray nothing was going to happen. Don't tell me you guys have never had that happen...whether you were exercising, in your car, or just at the store. Those are the worst. 

Alright, so now we're to the point that I think we can jog again. Minutes into it, I was seriously in deep doo! Down the rocky cliff from the Columbia River path, not quite making it to the river, there I was doing my thing. Talk about embarrassing, right? Oh no, I hear Ty yell 'here's my socks!' as a biker goes riding by. 
Now that's what was embarrassing. 

When this incident didn't even phase Ty, I knew he was in for the long haul. I had always prepared him for my GI issues, but I wouldn't have expected it all to go down on a lovely little jog on the Columbia River as the sun was setting. Sounds much more appealing than it turned out to be. I know.

But on a serious note (I know, I said I wasn't going to do this), this man does
more than anybody would ever expect. 

He gets up with me every morning.
He makes me breakfast every day.
He makes my lunch on the days I work.
He warms up my car before I head off.
He makes sure my badge, purse, vintage phone (4.5 yr old Blackberry), and lunch are in hand.
He sees me to my car and throws out our daily 'peace fingers' when we part ways.
He usually has dinner ready when I get home from work.
He leaves my toothbrush with toothpaste on it ready for me when it's time to get ready for bed.
He tickles my back nearly every night.

I get that we are still within our first year of marriage and things like that happen. But what I also know is that I doubt he'll ever stop doing those things. I see his dad do it for his mom to this day and I believe it's not just what Ty knows, but also what he loves to do. I'm so glad I finally figured life out many years ago and snagged him up!