Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Photo Book

I may or may not have just eaten an entire pint of coconut based ice cream. I'm sure you can guess 
what I really did. I don't feel bad about it either...that is, unless it has any repercussions later. 
Then maybe I'll literally be feeling bad.

Anyway, I decided to make a photo book of our engagement pictures because I got an email saying I get a FREE book. I love deals, so why not! Bad part about it is now I'm up 'til 1AM working on it. What was great was that at the end of checking out on their website, they offered me a $10 gift card if I posted it either on FB or blogger...so guess who fell for it? That means I got two deals in one night!
A free book and a $10 gift card all for nothing!

It wasn't the plan to post this, but Shutterfly did it for me so I guess you'll have to enjoy it anyway.

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