Saturday, January 19, 2013

Projects, Projects, Projects!

Projects: It's the name of the game. If I'm finishing a project, I've probably already started another. More often than not I feel like I've got a few going on with a million in my head. There's never enough time in the day and I'm sure most of you would concur. It's a problem, I know. I can thank mom and dad for that...when Mom starts a project, don't interrupt her because that lady will have it done by the end of the night (no joke, even if it's a project that would take most people 3 days. She's always been one determined woman). Then I get my "project brain" from Dad. That man will save any scrap of yarn and turn it into something. You should see his garage! Fortunately he turned that into a project itself and it is much more organized. He claims he may have gotten rid of stuff, but I have this feeling he may have just found a better spot for it while he was organizing everything. This is also probably why I save everything. Lots of habits, they've got to come from somewhere right? 

I love all the odd quirks each of us have. They're awesome and can be annoying at the same time.

Ty has been busy gettin' crafty more of a manly way though. He's not making wreaths or looking forward to the next day he can knit or sew by any means, but nonetheless he's packed his load full with his normal schedule and projects. He put together our sweet new tailgater BBQ. It's cute, red, and wheels around if we want it to. Can you just imagine Ty and I, rolling down the street with our BBQ? Cool thought. And nerdy too. I love that.

Ty's project: A Crossfit 20x24x30 box for our at-home WODS!

Ty claims the wood "came this way", but he also spilled coffee all over everything else in the car the other day....the wood was in there at that time as well.

Like I said, there are always numerous projects going on at once. I've started some (those can be a mini tutorial post another day), in the middle of others, and completed a few things today.

What to do with leftover materials from the wedding...

Most of you have seen these a million times and they are super easy to make, so ignore these directions if you don't care. Otherwise, here they are!

1) Go to Walmart (they were cheaper there) and get stencils, paint (we had plenty around the house from previous projects), and more of a stencil stamp-like brush.
2) Cut your burlap into the size you want for the placemats (I used a placemat
from around the house to compare the size I'd need)
3) Work backwards when spelling the words out on the burlap (right to left) if you plan on
having the words more on the right side...if not, do whatever you want.

*Leftover burlap pieces? Use them when placing food on the table
or incorporate into a fun little centerpiece.

A little baking to go along with the crafting...

Vegan chocolate coconut cupcakes with
a slight coffee flavored frosting
topped with toasted coconut
for the PEO meeting tomorrow!

My next project needs to be learning how to take pictures
indoors. I'd like to blame it on the cameras we have,
but I highly doubt that's the case.

Alright, I had planned to post another project but I'm too sleepy to even finish the last part of the craft! The blogging and crafting came to a halt when Ty came home and we decided he should go to urgent care to get his foot checked out. Apparently basketball got a little crazy tonight with all the old guys. Fortunately they say it's just a torn ligament! No broken bones that they could see.
For now, rest, ice, & elevate my husband!

Goodnight all,
The Stanleys!