Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Someone Remind Me It's Just A Tree

I realized I needed serious help when I was having difficulty finding a tree. I mean, really, who freaking cares what the tree really looks like. Apparently I had something so stuck in my head that it took me loops around the Christmas tree farm to pick this extra special tree that ended up not having any scent, being a bit too big for our tiny place (Ty cut off part of the bottom to make it smaller), and too much too it. I think my mind was set on something very minimal...kinda like a Charlie Brown guy, just taller and a few more branches. Poor Ty was on his knees about to cut down a couple until I quickly stopped him due to my indecisiveness. This is how it turned out:

Hay Rides!

What's awesome is that this isn't the tree we even got...just one of 
those first thoughts of mine that changed right before
he chopped!

We even took a picture by another one I thought was the one...
it wasn't!

Here it is!

Caseman had a great time helping Uncle Ty pick out a tree!

And the best for last...Ty just looks great. He was so
stoked he didn't even know what to do but this here.

Welcome Christmas...bring on the holiday!