Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Tis The Season!

Have you been wondering where the H we've been? Probably not. No big deal. We're back now. If you had any interest, we have been busy fools! Crossfit parties, hosting a craft night with 13 ladies from the gym at our house, family gatherings, doing crafts and Christmas carols at a women and children's homeless shelter, and finishing up our Christ-STAN-mas have made it seem as though hours were more like minutes and days were only hours. I had to go back to work way to quickly and soon enough Ty will be back in the classroom! Here's a little snipit 
of all those lovely activities:

Craft Night with the CrossFit ladies!
Homemade hot cocoa bar...pick your poison, salted caramel or peppermint!

Veggie tray thanks to Aubry! I made this yummy dip and all it is is pureed roasted red
 peppers and walnuts, dash of salt, and a bit of cumin. Throw in some 
olive oil until you get the consistency you want!

Part of the craft night spread! The buffet comes in handy for displaying food...

Add some cute Target napkins to spice up the plain white plates and you're set for any holiday!

Christmas brie...top your brie with some cranberry sauce and walnuts. 
Use a simple cracker for dipping (we used nut thins since we 
didn't want to make paleo crackers) and enjoy.

I modge podged glass ornaments and put paper on some...

Others were done by blowing up a balloon, wrapping very thin yarn 
or twine around it. Let them dry overnight and pray they work. They 
look much better from a distance, trust me!

Or cut up some pieces of paper and stuff them into an ornament.
Unfortunately when I went back to the craft store, the entire
company was out of them...also the reason I had to make
those other modge podge ones.

Ty wasn't actually at the craft party, but earlier in the week he made
the poster for the 12 days of Christmas song. This has been
a part of the Cosby tradition to sing the entire song
every year. Ty spent many hours working on
them, but we now have our own copy!

CrossFit-Ugly Sweater-Paleo-Bunco Party

I had no sweater to wear, but Ty managed to find this sweet little outfit...a little girls dress, brand new 
gold pants, and a Xmas decoration made into a necklace. I must say he did well!

At the craft night, we made props for the photobooth and we
reused some of our wedding chalkboard frames for decor at the party.


As Christmas approached, we had to cram two days of our chosen activities together while other days were taken on by the events we attended. I had to use "sleep" as one of our activities since we were desperate for some shut eye. It was well needed! Ty used a few days to give gifts which I may have already said in a previous post. Here is one of the gifts he gave us...
so perfect for us to add to our first tree!

Each little ornament guy had a different hat color. One for me and one for Ty!

We decided this year that we were only to do stocking stuffers for each other. After a full year of wedding planning (and spending), getting the house more home-like, and such we thought we'd keep it simple this Christmas. I made Ty his favorite no bake cookies, topped it with a nice little note to Santa Stanley-Claus, and awaited Christmas morning for him to see it all. We woke up early and had cookies for breakfast, opened our gifts, and went back to sleep. Our plan was start the tradition of walking every Christmas morning, but the down pour put a damper on that one. So why not just go back to sleep? We took to all the rest of the Christmas festivities with our families...at the white elephant exchange Ty (for the second year in a row) stole his gift back. All it is is movie tickets and candy. Why he doesn't just go to a movie on his own, I don't know. For some reason he has to buy them as a gift, gift them, then steal them back. I on the other hand got some cute napkins with the chalkboard napkin rings along with a Papa Haydn's gift card. For all of those who don't know, Papa Haydn's was the first place I thought Ty was the creepiest person ever. Turns out he was just really in love from the get go...but still creepy, nonetheless! He swooned me over so apparently I'm married to a creepy guy. Now we can go celebrate at PH as a married couple!

Holy smokes...I may have gone a bit overboard there, but I was pumped I could finally post some pictures! Beware, there may be a flood of posts after this one!