Thursday, January 31, 2013

Until Next Year, January

January is gone. We're movin on to February. Where the F did the time go? Don't worry, I reserve the real F word for extra special times. This isn't one of them. But seriously, why does time move so fast? Each minute of my life ticks away as we speak...or I guess as I type and you read. Crazy, huh?

Remember how I said instead of doing a new years resolution we'd do monthly ones? Well guess's the end of the month and you're probably sitting on the computer, refreshing over and over to hear what the results are. Oh, you're not? I need to face it. None of you really care, but those of you who keep coming back kinda care enough to know right? You're in luck, results are in.

Our January Resolution Together
-Spend less than our set budget on miscellaneous items
(read below to get the background on it)

Our Individual January Resolutions
-Ride my bike to and from work (Ty)
-Stretch every day (Cori)

-Well it may be important to know what our budget has been and some background on why we chose this. We set up our budget to only spend up to $400 per month on misc expenses when we first got married. That included everything from birthday presents, dinner dates, clothes, medical expenses, activities, crafts, etc. It seemed like it should be a piece of cake to do that. That was until we got married and moved into a new place together. It meant we had to buy more stuff to put in the house all awhile trying to buy other things we wanted. We couldn't stick to that budget very well at all! When December hit, we knew with Christmas we didn't stand a chance so we decided January was going
to be our month to get under the $400 for the two of us.

We're happy to say that not only did we stick under our budget for the miscellaneous, 
gas, and food but we even paid off one of Ty's loans!

Our Individual Results
-Call it a fail or call it a premature monthly resolution. It didn't happen either way. I have to wait until basketball season is over. The bike is still sitting downstairs. (Ty)

-Now mine, I have to say...was an ultimate fail! Gah! I mean how hard is it to stretch? For some reason I can't even remember to stretch while I'm still at the gym socializing. How was I suppose to bother doing it at home with so many things to do around here? Apparently I forgot the first week felt so
good because I haven't done anything since. (Cori)

What's great is now we get to set new goals for the either complete
or in my stretching circumstance, completly fail our goals.

February Goals Together
*Buy our plane tickets for our summer trip
(I have a problem pushing the "book trip" button)
*Decide whether or not we're going to sign up for the Crossfit Open...sounds so terrible.

Individual February Goals
*Get those taxes done!
*Clean out my bags of stuff that have only been sitting downstairs for over a month.
Cori might kill me if I don't anytime soon.

*Find a book to read from the library...and actually read it.
Is it weird I want to read a Dave Ramsey book?
*Blog 4-5 times a week and get the link to our blog out there more.
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♥The Stanleys