Saturday, January 19, 2013

Vancouver's Hidden Treasures

I don't want to leak out all the special little spots in Vancouver all at once, so here goes the start to our little food adventures in downtown Vancouver. So for all those who live in Portland and think there's nothing to do in Vancouver (I used to be one), you've got another thing coming to ya! From antique stores and unique and tasty restaurants to an old school movie theater and specialty stores, Vancouver has a multitude of things to see. Another bonus...the area is so small you can see majority of it in a day! You'll just have to come back another time to continue to try out these restaurants.

Off we go through little old downtown Vancouver!

Good ole Kiggins Theater...a neat old school movie theater

Get your tickets!

Living only 3 blocks from Main St. we are a little spoiled being so close to it all. We don't have to venture too far to feel that we're in Italy at the local italian joints or Paris to get ourselves some crepes and cafe au lait. This is where that 90% paleo eaters come into play...we don't skimp when we go test out the restaurants in the area. Most are worth every dime and your time to check out!

Today we ventured out to see what C'est la vie had to offer. We are very familiar with her crepes as we tend to frequent their spot at the farmer's market, but now they have more options and a roof over their head for the off season! They just opened up last fall and business has been picking up. For those looking for some good coffee, a specialty lunch, or some amazing crepes make sure you stop by C'est la vie. When you see the menu, I will go ahead and say you won't just want'll want to try at least one sweet and one savory crepe. Totally worth it!

One of the hidden treasures in Vancouver we've stumbled upon!

Keri, the owner, is always super friendly, welcoming, and knows her crepes (and macaroons too...I'm guilty of buying a couple each time we go to the market in the summer). In fact, to go beyond she remembers her customers...even after having so many faces come and go. Ty ordered our food (and had forgotten to tell her two of the crepes needed to be gluten free) and before it was all ready she ran out and remembered from the summer that it needed to be gluten free!
She gets bonus points in our book!

Chocolate peanut butter banana crepe

Gluten free crepe stuffed with smoked salmon and herb cream cheese...TO DIE FOR!

No no, thank you for a wonderful Paris vibe and yummy crepes C'est la vie!

You might miss this spot if you're not careful...don't drive by too fast or walk with your head down. From the windows it appears to more of an art gallery, but as you enter,you are greeted with artwork of local artists, lots of bright colors, and end up in the back where you feel as though you stepped into a European country. Keri has sectioned off an area that reminded me exactly of being in a small cafe in Paris, ordering several desserts, and sitting at a little table outside (Meg remember those days of chocolate croissant at every meal?). The tables are very close here, but for those of you who haven't been to Europe it's something you pick up on right nearly eat with the neighboring customers. It's not something that bothers me nor did it bother Ty, but imagine yourself in Europe while you're sitting and eating those yummy crepes and sipping on your cafe au lait!
It makes the experience that much more fun.

These loose teas are a hot item here in the Couve!

Our little corner spot

Here's your first step into the temptations of downtown Vancouver that will continue to hook you. The charm, uniqueness, and variety is what keeps us (mainly me) wandering down
Main St. every day! Now come see what it's all about!