Monday, February 18, 2013

6 Months Along

No we're not pregnant. Don't let the title confuse you. We've been married 6 months...come 
on now! We're very proud to say we're 6 months strong! The decision to get married was
the best decision we've ever made...not that we weren't going to get married anyway.

Some do nice dinners, some do fancy outings...we do wet and sandy days at the beach, running
up and down dunes for fun and for a little exercise, and cruise hwy 101 to celebrate. We
decided that although Hood River is our place to go, we thought we'd mix it up and head
the opposite direction. Pacific City it was!

Here are some pictures of us and the beach as though you've never seen either before.

What makes me laugh...he wanted to wear his "linen" pants he never got to wear in Hawaii.
I mean, why not wear them to hike on the Oregon Coast instead? ha!

I have never claimed to be any sort of fashionista, but I'll tell you what. I thought I was pretty cool
wearing my Saints get see dem fleur de lis boots and that goldenrod tee under that
black jacket. Ya, that's right. Go Saints! And yes, I know we're out of football season. So what.

Time to climb. I dare you all to run up this thing. I lasted the first 1/4 of the way up. That's it.
Something about running up in boots wasn't quite workin' for me. Let's be honest.
The dune just wasn't quite workin' with me. We did, however, blow people away with
running down the hill or so it felt like we were blowing people away (nobody was actually
racing us though).


Although it may be not permitted to go beyond the wire fence, we did it anyway. So did others so
I guess that means we're not one-of-a-kind, hard core, BAMFs.
All it meant was that we got about 100 yards closer to looking at haystack rock. That's it.

You wanted to see us kiss, we knew it. That's why we put this here.

6 months and counting!