Friday, February 15, 2013

A Chilly Morning, A Good Walk, & A Best Friend

The sun came out to show its face and being early risers, Kari and I took to the Columbia River 
path not too far from our place. We love having so many options for walking around our area. If 
we want the river, we've got it. If we want a mountain view, we can have that. And if we want a 
long walk through quiet, old parts of the city (downtown and through Fort Vancouver) we have 
that too!

Kari and I both grew up on the water, either fishing or skiing, so we can't seem to get enough of it 
even if we can't be in it. We also love to chat for hours and exercise. All of the above seemed to 
lend its hand to our outing today! Being nurses our schedules allow us to have any time of the day 
and as long as we want to for long chats and the exercise. Couldn't have been a nicer winter 
morning for all those things!

Kari and I have been best friends since we were little ladies. Our relationship began with some 
hoopin' and long weekends at the ball field, which turned into going to college together, 
following the same career paths, working at the same hospital together, and now being a 
part of each other's weddings! As most of you already know, she is the nicest person around. 
I don't think I've ever heard anything bad come out of her mouth in all of the 
years we've known each other! 

Although the sun is out, don't let it fool you with the temperature. Brrr!

The river itself is our favorite, but getting a close up of the bridge is always pretty neat. If only I 
knew how to capture good photos with a mini camera I bought in Europe nearly 
4 years ago...Something tells me I may need a camera update at some point in the future.

If you all had the pleasure of riding in the car with me across or near any bridge in Oregon, I 
would make sure you knew that all the bridges in Portland would not withstand an earthquake. 
I picked that up sometime during nursing school and I MAKE SURE everybody is aware of it. 
Even if you've heard it already, I somehow tell you again. Poor Ty. He practically says it in his 
sleep now. Maybe you'll get the joy of riding in a car with me soon 
so I can tell you again though!

I even told it to a patient once (he did some bridge construction way back when)...he told 
me that anybody will say that just to cover themselves. So although it may have started as a 
rumor, I will continue it. I like to think I had an inside on that information.

The bridge has this lovely pedestrian bridge so I thoroughly enjoy running downtown, over 
the bridge to Jantzen Beach, and back home. It also scares the poo out of me. It kinda feels like 
it will fall apart or I may end up falling into one of the holes where the big bars go through. 
I'm sure neither will happen, but it makes me run a little faster.

Those bolts, nails, screws, whatever you want to call them...are huge! Below is underneath 
the bridge. How the colors ended up this way, I have no clue.

Ty and I are very blessed to not just have a great place to live, but also have wonderful friends. 
I have more than one (believe it or not) and Ty's buddies are the most amazing men you'll 
come across. We love each of you!

 Come to Vancouver and enjoy a lovely little stroll through downtown, along the river, or through 
the Fort. There's lots of opportunities to learn on some of the paths (signs are posted to learn 
about the Indians, means of travel, the river, etc.) or watch planes fly over your head. If you 
have kiddos, they could learn a little something while getting some exercise! And for you, well 
we could all use a little exercise right? And if not, cut your walk short and just stop at one of the 
neat restaurants in downtown Vancouver! Maybe we'll run into ya on the paths or
trails in the Couve one of these days!

I had a nice surprise from Ty, who came home during his lunch to hang out for a bit and 
now I'm off for a little walk to the library...gotta go pick up all million books I put on hold. 
We've got Ty's middle school game, hoops tonight, and headed to the beach this weekend! 
Stay posted for tomorrows paleo breakfast!