Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Build. Your. Own. Box.

We'll make this short and sweet because I never seem to be able to do anything that way. Plus
you're probably tired of hearing me rant every other day. So here it is. A 20" x 24" x 30" box
to do your box jumps for your at home WODs!

1 sheet 3/4" plywood
Wood glue
Nails or wood screws
Hammer or drill

Go to Home Depot and get your piece of plywood. Have the lumber man cut 2 pieces into 
20"x30", 2 pieces into 22.5"x30", and 2 more pieces into 18.5"x22.5". Make sure your lumber 
man cuts them exact and can be an issue when you're piecing the box together later. 
Save your scrap wood. 

When you get home, piece the box together. That means you have to be smart and figure out 
which side lines up with which side, making sure not to make a lopsided box. Don't fail
me here! Glue piece by piece, stopping to nail or drill the side before moving onto the next.
Use the scrap pieces of wood to reinforce a few of the edges/corners. 

*If you don't want to roll your box to move it, make your own handles by using a 
circular drill bit and cut holes into the opposite sides of the box. Then boom, you're done!

Jack, thanks for the measurements and making our mini CF home gym
come to life. I will no longer have to use the couch as my box!
Somehow using the couch didn't seem to work well anyway.

25 lunges
20 squats
15 box jumps
10 burpees
5 jump tucks

Good luck to you all!
♥The Stanleys