Saturday, February 2, 2013


The other day someone had asked, "Do you like only craft, blog, cook, or bake on your days off?" In fact I don't. Sometimes I go to doctors appointments with Allison (stayed tuned for Tuesdays blog by Al herself and all she's been through), other times I meet with friends for big walks, spend time with our families, watch Ty coach three different sports, and one of my most favorites is...


Every Friday I get Aunt 'Dori' time. In other words I get a glimpse into what motherhood is like with one and sometimes two kids. And no, I'm not considering motherhood anytime soon. Hence why I love Auntie time. I currently love going to bed as early or late as I want, only having to get up in the middle of the night because I have to go to the bathroom, and only remembering to feed the two of us because I already forget to feed the fish every so often. We love kids, but steer clear of that path for the time being... So to all you mommies out there, lots of props to you. Someday I'll have that feeling I'm sure...just hasn't come to me yet. 

Anyway, back to the kiddos...
With Casey I can tell story after story about make believe boats while he runs around naked (sometimes I think he'll live more of a hippie lifestyle later down the road). He loves being outside at parks, playing with cars, doing art and puzzles, and going to the library. He's beyond his years that's for sure! He's in that 'I can do it all by myself phase.' Hilarious to say the least, especially when he gets tired. Don't tell him you ate something of his or else he'll be one unhappy camper!
He makes us smile every time we see him.

Playin at the library!

He wanted nothing to do with me when it was time to go to the check for his books...

Off he goes!

Jumpin off the chair with his 'bawoon'...Al I swear it was safe!

We had no idea where to look, clearly

Case thinks photobooth is hilarious!

Taking x-rays of our teeth like Daddy does

Last night he decided he wanted in on this iPad photobooth business. I could've laughed for days with that kid, he absolutely loved it!

Evy is a speed crawler and loves finding anything on the ground to put in her mouth...even slugs. It doesn't phase her. She's still learning her sign language all while I feel like she may actually talk before she gets that signing down. I love to give her baths at night, handing her a bottle and watching her fight those eyelids from closing. Last night I learned to sway, not bounce. Funny how certain things work and others don't, even if it is something small like that. She's the cutest thing ever!

Even this man comes for a little Uncle Ty time! He just about made her cry here, how nice!

Before bedtime last night

 What I do when I get tired...crawl up, burrow into the legs, and look
up with that sleepy face.

Good morning Evelyn!
(taken last week)

Usually the kiddos are AM/afternoon time and our nights are spent in an old gym at Ty's school playing hoops with some other men and women. Garbage basketball, but super fun! I'm great at cherry pickin and Ty is usually all over the gym. We're a good team, us Stanleys ;-)

Like I said, I swear I don't just cook, bake, blog, and craft. We definitely stay busy in a variety of ways! How could you resist hangin out with these kids anyway?