Sunday, February 17, 2013

I Workout.

Well we woke up late yesterday. It seems to happen every weekend I have off. The plan is to hit 
the gym at 8, but it always turns into 9. And even then, I have to blast some music, jump on the 
bed, and be extremely loud when getting dressed to get Ty moving in the morning. Try Marvin 
Gaye, Sexual Healing to wake up to. Not only are the first words just perfect, but you want to wake 
up laughing. What's better than waking laughing anyway? #startyourdaylivinglaughingloving
Minus the jumping on the bed, I think we've got ourself a typical Saturday morning for
us Stanwees. Ty has a hard time waking up on Saturdays, even if he is going on his 10th or
11th hour of sleep. I, on the other hand, can't miss a morning sunrise or waste any minute of
the day even if it means a lack of sleep. That's why we're great together and why I get to snap
mug shots like this one...

This is what happens when you:
a) have a wife that is in the middle of blogging
b) fall back asleep when you say you're getting up so we can get going...karma

Anyway, by the time I got to the gym and saw what the workout was I considered turning around 
and hiding in the car until Ty was done. I could barely inhale, let alone bend over from the 
workouts I did the day prior. The WOD was 'Box of Fun' which entails having a guys and girls 
team and 3 individuals from each team to pick WODs out of a box. That meant we had to do 
three different WODs, one after another. I might've wanted a brief moment to cry, but just a 
moment. It happens to me at times.

So for all you who are trying to get 'sexy and I know it' real quick, keep doing Crossfit-type 
workouts! I once saw something that said certain people notice the difference in your body 
after 1 month, your closer family/friends notice in 2 months, and you will notice by 3 months. 
Give yourself that 3 months of some intense workouts along with a good diet and you'll be 
rockin' quite the bod!

Now here's your 'Box of Fun' at home WOD! No we're not coaches and no we don't claim to
know much of anything, but these are things we do at home so feel free to test them out yourself.
Just don't blame us if you injure yourself. We wouldn't want that anyway.

Box of Fun
Your AH-WOD Version

50 body pass throughs

10 push ups
10 hollow rocks

Run 400m
20 walking lunges
10 burpees

One after another, get 'em done. And please play, "I Workout." It will make you want to be that
damn sexy or so I hope. If you don't know what any of those exercises are, Google them.

Good luck to ya!