Tuesday, February 5, 2013


We were given an extremely nice juicer as a wedding gift from my previous manager, Tammy, and it does wonders for our life. I rarely drink water but Ty on the other hand is a water tank. The problem with drinking water is I end up spending even more time in the bathroom. I already do that for other reasons, so I avoid it if possible. So avoiding water is how that works. I do plenty of preaching to my patients about staying hydrated but as a nurse I don't do the same. Oops. However, I will encourage you all to keep drinking water...and juicing too!

There's something wonderful about drinking your own homemade juice. It's healthy, fresh, & tasty. Plus you get to drink veggies you may not want to eat normally. I could go on about juice, but I won't bore you with my little obsession at the moment. If it weren't so expensive to do, we'd do it every day! Get yourself a juicer and start juicing is the take away message here. Oh and I suppose the juice recipe might help ya get started on your juicing adventures. Don't forget to check out your at home WOD below too!

Have fun!

Apple-Beet-Carrot-Ginger 'Yuse'
(Ty calls them 'yuse' instead of 'juice')


1 Apple, cut in half
2 beets, cut in half
3 large carrots, break in half
1-2 pieces of fresh ginger
kale, optional
One heck of a juicer
Mason jar...only because it's fun to drink out of them

Put your ingredients in the juicer, and slowly press to ensure you get your money's worth!

Pour into your mason jar

Snap a few photos of your work

Then sip!

I've been wearing lots of headbands because I have grow out like woah. I can't seem to pull off
this new ombre fad look with it either. Too bad. Hence the headbands.

Warning: Don't be surprised if your urine changes color. I don't want anybody having a
heart attack or feel the need to see a doctor. Beets tend to do it to us.

The Count Down-Up (courtesy of CFE)

Push ups and squats
Do 20 push ups, 1 squat, 19 push ups, 2 squats, 18 push ups, 3 squats, and so on. Get it?