Friday, February 1, 2013

LA Bound

Tickets are booked. St. Patty's weekend in LA. Meg & myself hangin with the one and only: Christin Rose.

For all of you who don't know, Chris was our photographer for our wedding. She is an individual as well as a photographer. You won't find anyone out there that is more down to earth. She gets into the wedding like into the action, into the fun, into it all. The more you let her in on, the more she'll give you. You have to grab her while she's available or else someone else will snag her up quick! She'll even travel to your wedding (I believe expenses would be included in your photography package). If you're getting married, hit her up. Worth. Every. Penny.

We had such a good time doing engagement pictures alone, I couldn't stand 
waiting to see how the wedding pics would turn out last year!

Engagement Pics

One thing we love to do together...

How it all started...watching from each side of the fence.

Chris we love all you did for us on this day as well as our wedding day!

The wedding pictures will have to be saved for another day (there are just way too many to have to choose from). You can always check out more of her work on her website at Christin Rose

Looks like I'll be leaving Ty behind in March for some (hopefully) sunny weather while he runs the Shamrock run in the rain. I'm looking forward to one heck of a weekend with the girls in LA 
while keeping my eyes out for celebs ;-) Let's be honest, I wouldn't know a celeb if they were 
standing right in front of me. I should say there are very few I'd even recognize.
That's what Meg's for...she'll keep me up to par on all that biz.
Looking forward to the party ladies! LA here we come!