Monday, February 4, 2013

Not Your Average Superbowl Sunday

How cliche to blog about what we did on Superbowl Sunday. I know. How about a little extra to top of SBS though? Normally just eating, drinking, and watching football is the typical routine for Superbowl Sunday. This year we decided that we'd turn it into a not-so-average Superbowl. We added an extra activity to the eating and drinking and threw in a mix of some of our favorite people as a bonus! Here's what we did...

1) We juiced aka made fresh juice (post to come another day)
2) I let the boys (Jordan & Ty) talk me into going on some hike that via the internet sounded super sketchy. Fortunately it turned out to be a lovely stroll in the Gorge!
2) We went hiking on the Washington side with a good friend, Jordan Boustead.
The hike is called Cape Horn...a very unique hike in the way of its layout
3) Spent the afternoon/evening with some out of town family at our Aunt & Uncle's new,
beautiful place in Woodland!
4) We watched the lights go out in the does that even happen on Superbowl?
Either way, we still love Nola & the dome!
5) We did 150 burpees. And by WE, I mean I did them and Ty supported me.
6) We stayed up much too late on a work night. Not our norm, yet again

Alright, so maybe  this 'not your average SBS' isn't all that crazy but when was the last time many people thought to cram all that in a day? Nobody, right? Probably because they had their minds straight. Sad thing is that we didn't even have a drink today, so it's not like our thoughts were clouded.

Our day:

Looking through the thickness, or I guess lack of during this time of year,
you can see Multnomah Falls across the way

Jordan & Ty hanging out on the very edge part way up the trail

What are the chances this tree on a cliff gets blown over...not over the edge, but backwards?

Beacon Rock at a distance...this is a perfect hike if you need a quick one. Not too far from the Couve!

Hello Stanleys!

Jordan is an amazing guy. He has traveled the world, is very intelligent, is a man of God, and a great friend to the both of us. His other name should be adventure...he's always up for anything and
always seems to amaze us with everything he does. Thanks for joining us today Jordan!

Superbowl time with the crazy Stanley/Sparrow fam!

And their tuckered out!

That's a wrap.

Have a good week everybody!

♥ Us Stanleys