Monday, February 25, 2013

Paleo Menu: Putting That Costco List To Use

Another Stanley Paleo BLD

I thoroughly enjoy posting these posts for you all, especially knowing that we've gotten a lot
of messages to continue to post this "paleo stuff." If only I could post it and you guys could
cook it for us. How can we make that happen every now and again?

This week we'll show you how to use up some of the items on the "Costco list." Remember all
that meat we buy at the beginning of the month that gets us through to the end? Or how about
all the fruit? It's time to see how we put it to use! All are basic, made up in our minds at that
given moment, and super easy! Nothing mind blowing by any means. Each dinner makes
enough for lunch the next day for BOTH of you. Slave over dinner once and you've got
the next day covered. Bonus, right?
Have at it!

Breakfast For 2
Homemade Juice-Smoothie Blend With A Big Side of Protein

(This is just the plain juice, what you'll mix with your fruit for the smoothie)

3 beets
1 Carrot
8 apples (the apples you bought in the pack at costco)
2 cups frozen fruit (the kind you bought from costco)

4 eggs (pack at Costco)
3 pieces precooked bacon, chopped into pieces (Costco pack)
(we cook up our bacon at the beginning of the week)

Take your 8 apples, 3 beets, and carrot and place them in your juicer to make juice. Place into the
fridge overnight. Get up just early enough to make a quick smoothie the next day...blend 2 cups of the frozen fruit with about 1/4 cup of your homemade juice you made the night before. Then scramble
your eggs in a pan to cook. While the eggs are cooking, break your bacon into pieces and add
to your eggs. Serve with your smoothie and you're set!

You can use the leftover juice for a cup of juice at any time or savor it with
each smoothie in the mornings throughout the week!

Pork Stew for LDLD

1 pork roast (from the 4 pack from Costco)
1 red bell pepper, cut into strips
1 yellow onion, thinly sliced (you can get the big bag from Costco)
8 celery sticks, chopped
2 cups carrots, chopped into medium sized coins
3 sweet potatoes, cubed (Costco)
1 container mushrooms, already sliced (we forgot them at the store, so we didn't have them)
1-14oz can diced tomatoes
4-5 cups beef broth
1/3 tsp dried thyme
1/3 tsp dried rosemary
1/3 tsp garlic powder
2 tsp oil (coconut or olive do just fine)
salt and pepper to taste

Place your dutch oven or large pot onto med-high heat, place your oil of choice into pan. Place the pork roast into pan and let brown on all sides (I forgot I was cooking it when I was on the phone so it got cooked a little big deal if it happens). Once that is complete, add all your veggies. Let cook for 5-8 minutes, stirring to give all veggies some time on the bottom of the pot. Then place your beef broth, diced tomatoes, and spices into the dutch oven/pot. Cover and let simmer for about 1 hour, then check your meat. As long as your meat is cooked thoroughly, you're good to go! If not, throw some extra time into that roast.

Serving suggestion: take the pork roast out and cut into slices or cubes. Then place
back into your stew. You can serve this with cauliflower mash or
paleo bread (I'll post the bread recipe another day).

*This pork stew recipe made up enough for lunch one day, then dinner, then lunch another day, and dinner again! We actually have about one more bowl left in the dish but Ty has had enough!

Ty's All-Time Favorite Salmon + 2 Sides

4 salmon filets (costco pack, yet again)
slap ya mama seasoning (best. stuff. ever.)
2 aspargus bundles
grapeseed oil
lemon juice
dash of sea salt
pineapple, fresh & sliced into spears (Costco)
li hing mui spice, optional

Prep your oven to broil. Sprinkle enough SYM seasoning onto the salmon, enough to coat the top sufficiently. Cook until done (Ty says, "I think I do it for 10-15 minutes").  In the meantime,
steam the aspargus. Mix together a tbsp or two of grapeseed oil with a couple splashes of
lemon juice. Once aspargus is cooked, sprinkle your oil and lemon juice mixture
onto them. Then sprinkle your dash of salt onto the aspargus. Cut up your pineapple
spears, sprinkle a little of the li hing mui spice on the spears if you wish, and then place
into the fridge until your dinner is ready. Serve all together.

This will make enough for your dinner one night and lunch for the next day!
To mix it up a bit, serve it in a salad instead.

This is what we call the E-Z-P-Z BLD with leftovers for LD (lunch and dinner). We'll have
to post more of these so you newbies can get on your paleo feet!