Sunday, February 3, 2013

Stock Up That Kitchen, Paleo Style

Ya know whats great? I just had one, yes one, hard cider (it was amazing) and I had a nice buzz. Who gets a buzz off a hard cider anyway, especially if it's just one? I'm a great date. I think that's another reason why Ty married me.

Ok what's really great is that we just had dinner with two wonderful that has been married for 30 years (Mom & Dad Cos') and another has been married for 60 years (Grandma and Papa Cos'). Crazy, yet amazing, to think all they've been through in 60 years. They are in their mid 80s and still as sharp as can be (well maybe a little forgetful, but who isn't)! My grandma loved our iPad and apparently wants one...her exact quote was "Maybe if I get one of those then I can go viral." HAHA. I about died laughing. Now that, was great.

Back to the purpose of this post...we figured since we shared a mini menu with you last week, why not give you our Costco shopping list (this can vary slightly each month). In other words, a list on how we get through most of the month with what we buy at the beginning of each month. This time you can see how we stock up our fridge, freezer, and cupboards for our paleo meals. Some of the items go much longer than the month, but again that is for only two of us with the occasional friends that come over for dinner.

Mixed nuts
Dried fruit (we avoid the sugary ones)
Slivered almonds (great for salads, snacks, adding to sides)
Frozen tropical fruit (for smoothies)
A white fish (price dependent)
Pork roasts/sirloins
Ground turkey
Steak strips (this is something we only get occasionally)
Breakfast turkey sausages
Tuna in water
Artichoke hearts (antipasto or for meat pizzas)
Sundried tomatoes (antipasto salad or a dip, which I'll post another day)
Unsweetened applesauce
Sweet potatoes
Avocados (fresh or premake guacamole to freeze)
Precut butternut squash
Mixed bell pepper bag
Brussel Sprouts
Box of apples (great for juicing and snacks)
Boxes of oranges (again, for juicing and snacks)
Blackberries (Ty loves these!)
Coconut oil

Each week we set out our menu so we buy the few things, like fresh veggies, we need for those meals at the nearest store. Otherwise we have majority of what we need from the list above. As another side note, when it comes to coconut and almond flour we go in on a giant bag from Bob's Red Mill with friends...we split the 25lb bag usually and it lasts us what seems like forever! Coconut and almond milks are purchased as needed.

One piece of advice from us Stanleys...

Avoid Costco this weekend! It's not only a normal weekend crazy, but everybody has decided they need the biggest TV this year for the game. Everybody. That means super long lines and people trying to get more than one sample. People go crazy over free samples. They act like they've never had a piece of cheese or a chip dipped in con queso. So weird.

Anyway, have fun restocking that kitchen of yours this month!

And PS-throw out all that non paleo food you have in your kitchen. It will be a relief, trust me.