Thursday, February 21, 2013


You know that dead leg you get when your foot, leg, and/or butt fall asleep. I've had it twice today.
Ya, I know twice. Mainly because I've been a lazy you know what and haven't done much
with myself today. I've got a lot of To Do's on my list for today...not so sure many of them
will be happening.

This is day two of spending another day sitting on the couch hanging out with my friend Dave.
Dave Ramsey that is. I'm a bit obsessed with listening to the CDs because I can get other 
things done at the same time. One of these days I'll sum up some things for you that I've 
learned. You could all learn a lot from him, but I'll save you a few bucks from buying all of 
his goodies and give you some pointers instead.

Another thing...I'm considering this month my revamp on life. I'm listening to motivating and
funny people (I love Dave's humor. Weird I know) and reading a book that's suppose to be
life changing. Probably not life changing for me, but definitely making me more aware of
certain things. I love them both at the moment. It's why I've been staying up until 2am lately
and looking tired again. Didn't I say I needed to stop those late nights and all day couch sitting
last week? Apparently I had some short term memory loss.
I. Need. To. Learn. ugh!

And one way I've become hip today in case you're wondering...
Yup, that's exactly what I learned and don't hate. My brother posted a picture on facebook today
with the caption of #tbt. I thought what in the world does that even mean? It dawned on me and
I didn't  even have to use Google to help me out. Am I seriously that out of it?
I need to get up on these terms.

Here's our #tbt

#firstkiss #2008July4th #youngandinlove

#2009 #returnfrommyEuropeansummer #nomoreoverseasdating

#2010hotweddingdate #beforewemetCrossFit #almost2yearsofdatingunderourbelt

#2011FruitLoop #summerbeforeourengagement #lovethisman

#HoodRiver #favoriteplacetobe #summerlovin

Alright, I got all the hash tags out I could have ever wanted. I figured with the new hip 
knowledge I've got, why not put some of that to use with the 'hashies'. Diiiid it. 
Now someone get me off my couch SAP or else my ass might be stuck to it.

Go find yourself some #tbt pics. You may stumble upon some gems.

Happy Thursday!