Friday, February 8, 2013

The Love Blossoms Tree (DIY)

It seems as though I didn't get off the couch much yesterday. And even the day before that. Well at least  until like 11 in the morning. That's a lot of sitting around for me. What's sad is that I needed to be places so I had to get myself off the couch. When I was finally out and about, I looked half asleep I'm pretty sure. My mom didn't say anything to me when we were shopping for flooring (she's too nice, she wouldn't have even mentioned anything anyway). I did, however, have someone ask me if I was tired in the afternoon. ha! Apparently sitting around for too long doesn't do me any favors on my look. Lesson learned...two days later.

Two things happened. I was obsessed with looking up all sorts of books, projects, and preparing a couple blogs. Remember when I said my goal for the month was to read a book? Well I'm just getting on that whole book thing. I put a million on hold at the library. No joke, a million. Don't be surprised if I choose one with big font and somewhat small in size. Those are kinda my things. I like to do things quick. Like projects...I don't tend to choose projects that are going to take me forever. Just like this one:

The Love Blossoms Tree
I felt that I had enough hearts hanging on the wall, so instead of making an entire tree of cute little heart-like ornaments I went with spiral flowers. Super easy, quick, no art skills necessary, and it doesn't cost a penny if you have the supplies laying around! Just a little awkward feeling when you're picking up people's branches and carrying them home. I felt liked I'd end up looking like the crazy lady collecting branches.
Instead, I made Ty go do it last night for me. That way he looked like the crazy
neighbor breaking off his own tree limbs. I love that.

What you need
Paper, your choice of color(s)
Something to put your tree into (mason jar, galvanized jar, etc)

Take your pencil and paper, roughly draw 6 squares out of your 8.5x11 paper. 

Draw your spirals (do this as many times as you need to fill your 'tree')

Cut along your spiral line until you finish at the center

Roll up the paper from the outside in until there is no more paper to roll into a flower

What they should look like when you reach the center

Place all your lovely little spiral flowers onto your 'tree'
Display your love tree in your house to get that Valentines day feel!

And if you're like me, you may start with one color. Realize you don't like the look. Redo all the spirals in another style of paper. Then rehang them again. If I had a different color paper, like something with a hint of color I'd redo it again. Seriously. But since I don't have that color, this is what I get to display on the buffet.
Tough luck, Mrs. Stanley. I guess I'll live.

We never planned on decorating for Valentines day, but when you have a few things laying around the house why not, right? We already had the hearts that are hanging from the wall from Meg's shower and the old wood/candle holder is easy to change the look with every holiday. It's all simple stuff, but thanks to my mom she brought us the cute BE MINE decor to give it a little life and color. We'll keep you posted if we updated more!

Another Project:
If you have kids, go check out this valentines day tree. You can have fun making the
hearts while they tell you why they love you on the backside. Sounds nice to me.
Wouldn't you agree?

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