Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Neck Sleeve + A Giveaway

4 Great things before I get started on the real post. 

*We came home last night and the neighbor was WALKING his CAT! bahaha Our neighborhood is great.

*Ty's boys basketball team won AGAIN! Go Mac!

*I can barely get my clothes off, reach above my shoulders, sit on the toilet, scratch my butt, 
and so you get the point. The last three days have wrecked havoc on my body...the WODs
 themselves, moving weights weighing nearly as much as me, carrying a child on a hike, 
and smashing Friday night basketball. That great but terrible feeling on the body.

*I was named MVP for Friday night basketball last night. Super cool, I know. I'll add that 
one to the resume. Ty thinks it's hot that I make shots and take it to the hoop. I 
like to be the surprise attack on the team. Nobody expects it from a girl.

That's all. Back to what I was suppose to blog about...
So initially I was making a 'cowl' but according to my sister I am now making 'neck sleeves.' Essentially that's exactly what they are. I love the new name. I am slightly obsessed with these. Ok fine, I'm a little more than obsessed. I have now made two in less than a week, blue and a gray/tan. The blue one was a fail. I had a lack of judgement and went with what I thought was the right stitch...and it wasn't. Oh well. It still keeps my neck just as warm. I may or may not wear them all the time, with workout and regular clothes. Don't judge.

Here's me with the grow out and a headband. Please ignore that part of the pictures. Pay attention to the cowl.

I finally got my hair done. Thank goodness. I was tired of people not recognizing me 
"with brown hair." You know it's bad when it's grown out that much. Ick.

The neck sleeve, made correctly

So here's the deal. Due to my obsession with knitting these things, I plan on making more of them. As part of making more, I am going to give one away. Yes, that means YOU could win one! I'll give you all weekend to follow through with the rules. Get your spouse in on it to give you an extra chance!

2 Easy Things You Need To Do

1) Post our blog link on your wall on Facebook


2) Repost/Share your favorite post we've done so far on FB
(go to your favorite post, highlight the link, then share on your wall)

*If you want an additional chance to win, you must also pin one of the posts onto Pinterest.
Again, you must let me know in a comment below

Set go!