Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tuesday Battles

The title doesn't do it justice...it's a whole different battle and one Ty and I will never truly know.
In fact, even the small amount told here is only a little piece of all she has been through.

It's a battle for health and eventually a battle for life. My sister, Allison, has been battling every day for 9 months. I take that back she's been battling for many years and many of those years the doctors didn't even know she had any sort of disease. There was no official diagnosis until nearly 3 years ago: Crohns, an autoimmune disease. Then came yet another diagnosis last fall: PSC or primary sclerosing cholangitis. The first we pray will go into remission soon with Remicade, the new drug she is on. The second, however is incurable. It's quite rare and can lead to a liver transplant 10-20 years down the road. It's been one diagonsis after another, hospital stays, doctor appointments, and then test after test. It's about time this lady gets a freaking break wouldn't you say?

So while she battles every day, I so-call 'battle' with her on Tuesdays. Tuesdays are infusion days. It's probably one of my favorite things to do. Not that I like her to be sick by any means, but it's our time to do things we don't always have time to do together...like lay on a stretcher together and watch trash tv on the iPad, laugh until we cry about silly things one of us may do, look up dream houses, vent, and who knows what the rest of these treatments have in store for us. 
This is all while she has a medication & body battle. It's what I like to call Remicade vs. disease. 
We, clearly, root for Remicade.

What keeps us busy and laughing, hysterically, at times...

Allison has always dreamed of being a wife and mother all awhile coaching gymnastics in the winter months. Crohn's has tried to take her dream, her life, and her body from her, but she just keeps battling. In fact, she has taken it even as far as finding the strength and energy to coach the gym team all the way to State this weekend. She continues to amaze us all through the toughest of times!

She is one hell of a fighter, one tough cookie, a wonderful mother/wife/daughter, and the best sister!

Here's to kickin' the disease into remission!

We love you so much Al,
♥ Ty and Cor

(See below for Allison's story)