Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Are Ya Keepin' Up?

Not with us...with exercising. I've been slacking on posting something for you all to do. 
Probably because the days I've been working I haven't bothered with working out either. 
Oops. Hopefully that changes this week.

What I do want you all to do is continue to exercise and eat well. The paleo "diet" or what I 
like to call the paleo "lifestyle" is not meant as a weight loss program in my mind. It's a lifestyle 
change. With the encouragement of friends at the gym and the challenges we've had with our 
gym, it was a good way we were able to change our own lifestyle. 
Not just for feeling good day to day, but to be healthy overall.

For those of you using it as a weight loss diet, I will tell you I hear many stories of people who 
lose a bunch of weight but that rate of weight loss decreases and eventually seems it's at a 
stand still. With the mix of the lifestyle change and exercising, you will continue to 
see your body change.

I once saw this thing on Pinterest that said something along the lines of 'it takes you 4 weeks 
to notice your body's difference, your family and friends 8 weeks, and the whole world 
12 weeks to notice the change.' Get it? It takes time! Don't give up on the lifestyle 
change or on any sort of exercising.
This was our first challenge with the paleo lifestyle that our gym put on.
It wasn't so much losing weight for Ty, but toning up. Eat well,
train well, and you'll be on your way to a healthy lifestyle!

For those of you who have followed the recipes week to week, I give you lots of props. 
There's some of you who follow because you like to use the workouts that are posted (or so 
that's what I'm gathering from messages I get from you all)...keep it up! And for those of you 
who follow, but don't exercise...please start. I get that habits are hard to change and we can fall 
back into old patterns, but if you fail one day...guess what? You get another try tomorrow, the 
next, and many more after that. I encourage you all to make that life change of eating 
healthy and exercising!

On that note, here's a workout for you to do today:

50 box jumps
50 lunges
50 push ups
50 squats
50 situps

Extra credit
Run up a hill once, then come back down
Run up the same hill, backwards
And if you're feeling up to it...

Have fun!