Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Coconut Crispies

2 Things:
1) Ya know what feels good? When your husband comes home and tells you that you look
so beautiful or sooo good (usually how Ty puts it)...even when you've done nothing
to yourself other than put on a pair of stretch pants and a tank top.

2) I am getting so close to clean and pressing my body weight! Yesterday I did 95#
several times in a workout, which means I could potentially do a one rep
another time of something even closer to the weight! I was overly excited
that I yelped once or twice and left the weight over my head like I
had won some event. I had to have a moment, so let it be.

I'd like to call this post the paleo version of kettle corn, but because Ty got so excited about 
these possibly being as close to cereal as anything could I figured I'd give him a little credit to 
this post. Ty LOVES cereal, so why not give the post more of a cereal name. He doesn't eat 
it anymore, but if it were in front of him at the moment he wouldn't pass it by. Paleo or not, 
he wouldn't care. I know because I know him, but also because I've seen it happen. 

Anyway, it was just what we needed on Monday night to go with our delicious paleo meal...
something super easy and salty-sweet. 

Place 1 to 1 1/2 C coconut flakes on a hot skillet.

Let the crispies brown up. It can happen quickly, so keep your eyes on the pan.

Have a bowl, salt, and cinnamon ready. Dump your crispies into the bowl.

Place 1/4 tsp salt into the bowl of crispies.

Then place 1/4 cinnamon into the bowl. Mix all together.

Snack away!

I didn't share this bowl, I'll be honest. It was gone so fast. I was surprised myself.
I even put some chocolate almond milk in with the last bit of it to try it out as
a cereal. It was just as good as cereal as it was as a snack, but next
time I'd do a little less salt if we were to make it a cereal dessert.

♡The Stanleys

Recipe found in WellFed cookbook.