Thursday, March 28, 2013

Birds, Eggs, Bunnies, & Crosses...Easter Decor Ideas

When you have friends over for dinner, this is exactly what happens the night before:

<crap, how fast can we clean the house>
<where do we put all the sh*t that's been laying around for the last week>
<is the decor updated (only I think this)>

While Ty got started on the cleaning, I got to digging through my craft boxes and decor to see 
what I had to put up for Easter. I must say we came up with some ideas rather quickly with 
what we had, but I did make a quick run to the craft store the next day to make a few finishing 
touches. As far as the stuff laying around...just don't ask to see the inside of our buffet or 
parts of the basement. We try to hide it until we get around to it on a later day. 
Our not-so-secret now. ☺

I wish I had a picture of what the buffet and buffet wall looked like initially. Let's just say Ty told 
me it would've scared Jack & Aubry away...apparently it looked like we should be taking 
communion at the buffet. Needless to say, it immediately changed 
and here's what we came up with:

The Buffet & Wall:
Reused a wedding chalkboard frame. Ty was the artist.

Last minute pick up at Craft Warehouse. Grab their add
when you walk into the store, they usually have 40-50% an item.

Repurposed our branches I used for the valentines tree.
The fleur de lis pitcher was given to us last year.
Had the eggs from last year, which were purchased
after Easter last year when they were 70% 
off at Joanns.

Ty's parents gave us a gift basket for Christmas and the gifts were 
placed in this rustic strawberry flat. We repurposed it for our 
Easter decor here. The burlap was another piece from our 
wedding I had in craft tub, the eggs from last year at the 
after Easter sale at Joanns, and the tins were 2 for $5 
at Craftwarehouse for the medium sizes.

Repurposed wreath.
Bought the ceramic cross at Michaels for $3.
Used a piece of twine from our wedding
to tie it to the wreath and hung it up.

There ya have it! We have continued to reuse the large piece of fabric underneath since Christmas.
Why not if it's working, right?

The Entry/Living Room:
I had made this last year and found it in my decor tub.
This would have to be a whole different DIY post.
Another day, another time; just ask!

A nice little gift from Mom! Made of a burlappy-like fabric.
Perfect for the rest of the look to our living room!

Repurposed my cake server and cover. Since when did we need
to buy those spendy ones at the craft stores when we can just
use what we have? I had the eggs, again from last year,
and also had the grassy stuff from a previous project.
The bird has been with us through every holiday,
she just keeps turning up in different areas 
of the house!

The Bathroom:
70% sale at Joanns last year. Go figure. Cheap & easy decor 
for any place in the house.  Why not the back of the toilet?

Repurposing the frame from Christmas...April 'showers',
get it? Specifically placed in the bathroom/shower room.
Ty is such a creative guy.

The Kitchen:
Clearance at Craft Warehouse last year. I randomly bought them
without any clue what I'd use them for. They came in handy!
For $2 I bought the long grass to put in them and had
the grassy string to stuff in the other two jars.

Happy Easter everybody!

♡The Stanleys