Saturday, March 23, 2013

Just Another Friday With The Kid

One of the things that bring me the most joy in life are two little boogers...Case-man and 
Evy girl (Ty you do too, don't worry). Seeing their faces make me grin ear to ear, no joke. They 
would do the same for you guys too. If you ever need a baby fix or just a huge smile on your 
face, I can point you in the right direction.

Today was like that x10. We live so close to the kids right now, it takes about a 5 min drive or 
a 15 min walk. Today I drove up there and picked up Casey, ran him in the stroller to a park 
not far from our house, baked some cupcakes with him, had a dance party for a minute, went to 
a park that's 3 blocks from our house, ate cupcakes with Uncle Ty since he got off early today, 
and then the 3 of us made the trek back to the first park we went to so Uncle Ty could see this 
cool blue swirly thing. It was quite the day. Here's the evidence...

Preheat oven to 350 and let the kid put the liners in the cupcake tins

Place all your ingredients into your mixer/prep it and let them pour it in. They love it. 

Watch the kid's face as "steam" comes floating out when they dump in the prepackaged 
ingredients. He couldn't believe "steam" was coming out of it. I didn't correct him.

Use an ice cream scoop and let them go buck wild with pouring it into the liners. 
It gets messy. Expect nothing less unless your child is oddly OCD in the cleanliness side.

Put them in the oven to bake. Sit and chat about legit things, feet to feet....

OR have a mini dance party in Aunt Dori's shoes and a new water bottle in hand.
Uncle Ty got him a water bottle that had grips like alligator skin 
or something along those lines...

This is what he was doing when I came out of the bathroom...'drawing a picture for Uncle Ty'
Why not use candles for crayons on a mirror. Probably the smartest/creative thing 
I've seen in a while.

Then to the park to play while the cupcakes cooled.

Frost them. Let the kiddos have it when it comes to the toppings.

Eat the frosting first apparently...

Then eat the cupcake part, but be sure to dump more sprinkles on it in between.
And even wipe your cupcake on the sprinkles leftover on the counter that was spilled 
initially. He was great at not wasting anything!

Never know what kids have to say, what they'll do, or where you'll find them. I love stealing 
him for a day from his mommy for a little Aunt Dori date or spending the day with both 
kids and Allison. It's just more of a party every Friday. 
Who knows what next week has in store!

Thanks for a full day at 2 new parks, some cupcakes, and a lovely piece of 
artwork on the mirror. We love ya dude!