Friday, March 8, 2013

Let The CrossFit Open Begin!

One time at work I had this elderly woman ask if I worked a lot. I said no, just 3 days a 
week and it's not bad at all because I then get 4 off. She then said well you just seem like 
quite the worker with those working hands...I wasn't sure how to take it, so I said well it's 
not too rough of a job. Her final comment, well no honey you just have very calloused 
hands like a working man.

I just about died, right then and there. I realized she was talking about the awful callouses 
and blisters I'd begun to get on my hands from Crossfit. All along I thought she meant I 
was just a hard worker...when really she meant, 'girl yo hands nasty!'

For the love of Crossfit and our friends at the's to the beginning of the Games!
#achesandpains #bruisescallousesblisters #newshoesforTy #tilyoupuke #letthegamesbegin!

WOD 13.1

Here we go!

My shorts become underwear. Please ignore that brief moment I don't adjust them.
Sorry ahead of time.


75# snatch attempt.
Frustrating, yes. Wanted to cry, yes. Getting closer, yes.

Ty followed Aubry and myself, competing against 2 others...

Ty at 135#
Busted them out initially, yes. Injured himself, yes. On the mend, yes.

There ya have it...our first attempt at the CF Open! I'm happy with my time, frustrated with
the weights situation. Ty was happy overall, but bummed about the injury.

We're hoping for good health, solid WODs,
and continued team encouragement. We had a great turnout from other CF
members to cheer everybody on. We appreciate all the love!

Here's to the good ol' smokers cough from all those lovely burpees!

♡Cori & Ty