Sunday, March 3, 2013

March Madness Goals

For those of you just joining us Stanwees, this will be your first intro to how we start each 
month. We make goals. Don't run off now, trust me it gets better than just some silly goals. We 
even hooked you up with a sweet video today. Ok, maybe not that sweet but we found that time to 
be hilarious. Home videos at their finest. But really, rather than setting ourselves up like 
everybody else in the world when they set their New Year's Resolution, we thought 
we'd do monthly resolutions we can actually accomplish. Smart, right?

For the rest of you who have been around, you all know each month is a new start to many 
things: our goals, our budget, crossfit events, waiting-to-happen bathroom incidents (seriously, 
you never know what each month holds for me sometimes), etc. This month we thought our 
goals would be to spend all our money and have our goal be to sit around all day long and 
get absolutely nothing done. Totally kidding (if you even believed that would come out 
of my mouth in the first place you're on crack).

Alright, back to business...or whatever this is. Give me a minute or two to reflect on last 
month, then check out what we have in mind for our March goals! You all will benefit from 
our goals in one way or another, so you better stick around and read the rest of this. 
What better things do you have to do anyway?

Accomplished February Goals
*We signed up for the Crossfit Open!
(I put that exclamation mark there, but I don't say it that way. ha! I'm dying thinking
 about how I'm going to die in these WODs...if that makes any sense.)

*Ty overdid himself this month. He not only did his taxes, but mine too! 
I hate taxes. Well I've never done them, but they seem terrible.

*He cleaned out all the stuff in the basement AND organized 
all the rest of his stuff in the house too! Above and beyond...always amazes me!
What a dude!

*I did 4-5 blog posts each week, with some weeks having 6!
(Not that it's getting me anywhere in life, but I'm ok with that. I'm enjoying this blog time)

*I read a book. Ya, believe dat (no I've never said 'dat' out loud. I'd be embarressed if that 
word ever came out of my mouth)! Not only did a finish a whole book, but I even listened to 
half of Dave Ramsey's book on CD. That should count for 2 books.

So this book I read...One Month To Live. It's not as depressing as it may sound. In fact, 
nobody was even dying in it. It's a Christian based book that looks into scripture as you reflect 
on how you've lived your life, what changes you'd make, and how to live as if you only had 
a short amount of time left. I know, seems obvious what we'd do but it isn't until you read 
something like this that you realize how much of our lives are filled with a bunch of nothing! 
Here's what you a God-like life and continue to build and enjoy the relationships 
around you. If that means having family and friends over for dinner and game nights, great. If 
it means taking someone to coffee or volunteering somewhere, do that. Stop filling your life 
with packed schedules, making excuses for not being able to spend time with others, 
and find ways to feel completely fulfilled in life!

Think about those quotes and think about the questions on the book pages.
How do you and how can you live a fulfilling life, leaving an impression on the world?

March Madness Team Resolutions
*Have friends over for dinner &/or do more activities with friends or family members...
more than we already do (this goes hand in hand with the book I read last month. 
Building our lives around what we'd do if we were to die in a short period of time)

*Get to bed before me, this is not going to be easy

March Madness Individual Resolutions
*Use those reusable grocery bags we put in our cars. Somehow they don't make 
it into the store. Seems like an easy enough goal for the month, right?

*Start riding my bike (once basketball is over)

This is what I want Ty to do...ride his bike with his reusable bags.
Why not accomplish both goals at once?

What was great is that our new neighbor across the street came outside with his coffee..
now he thinks we're looney tunes. Can't wait to formally meet him ;-)

He already knows he's set up for you all to give him a bunch of crap.
We got a great laugh out of it if nothing else!

*Once a week have a blog post that consists of the groceries needed for the week (to supplement 
the Costco list from the beginning of the month) and include recipes that go along with 
what is purchased.

*Drink water. 
(Sounds easy, but it's not. It's rare I'll even drink a cup of water in a day. This may be 
the hardest goal yet!)

How You Benefit
-You're either one of our friends that will be lucky enough to have dinner with us
-Or maybe you're not and you're only as lucky to know us. But because we're reducing the 
pollution you're breathing in by riding bikes and not using plastic bags, that will benefit you. 
-You'll never have to think twice about what to get at the grocery store or what 
will be for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or as snacks.

You've got it made this month!

Now don't you think it's time you make goals for yourself?

♡The Stanleys