Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday Miss Evelyn Marie!

Before our sweet little niece was born, I always called her B-G. "Baby girl" for those of 
you who didn't catch on. Now she has the pleasure of being called a million names. 
'Evelyn. Evy. Ev. Evy girl. Girlfriend. Sister Sue.'
If she ever gets confused later in life, I know why.

Today marks a special day...We get to celebrate the birth of Miss Evelyn Marie!

You gave your mommy and daddy the best gift of a wonderful pregnancy, birth, and 
another healthy child. You surprise them every day with something new and bring them
so much joy in life. They are proud parents that love you so much...

Aunt Dori and Uncle Ty think you're the best little girl EVER and no, we are NOT biased!

In your year of life you have:

signed 'more', 'please', 'water', 'all done'
taken many steps at a close to walking
been semi creeped out by Uncle Ty
tried to eat a slug
been a flower girl in our wedding
had folding chairs fall on you (you got a bit curious)
liked to play with your brother
waved hello and goodbye
lost your chubby cheeks and leg rolls
thought you were funny when you try climb up the stairs before someone catches you
loved putting things away, then pulling them back out
enjoyed screaming like a girl
liked to have mommy flip you in all directions
begun to blow kisses
+ so much more!

We have enjoyed seeing her change every week, but love to see her hit the big marks in this 
world. We look forward to seeing this little girl do big things in life and continue to grow
week by week and year by year! We wish you the best 1st birthday ever, baby girl!
We love you so much!

♡Uncle Ty & Aunt Dori