Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Most Dedicated Player/Coach Award

I just made up that award...MDPC
Who says a wife can't be super proud and celebrate the small things in life?

This man of mine has been playing or coaching a sport since he was about 6 years old. Crazy 
to think that it totals 21 years of his long life! He put in his years at CRHS as a boy, played baseball 
and football at Linfield as a young man, coached baseball for Concordia University during 
his Master's program, took leaps and bounds with his middle school kids in football and 
baseball, then finished off some good coaching years with Skyview High School baseball.

Today that streak of 21 solid years ended...
Ty will officially have a full spring and summer off with no sports!

He's dedicated so much time to his own career let alone others' that we figured we should 
cut him some slack by giving him a break. He obviously wins this award by default:

Most dedicated player/coach of 21+ years!

Let's take ya back down memory lane...
The boys...2004 DIII National Champions!

DIII World Series 2008

Onto his coaching career...

Size and shape doesn't matter at Mac...

They play hard ball ;-)

Many of the kids on his basketball teams (both girls and boys) as well as his football kids have
never played sports in their lives. To say the least, it was awesome watching these kids.
Going from their first games to the last...they made huge strides!

What wasn't so awesome: the parents who had no idea what they were yelling at the refs.
Let's just say, I was slightly embarrassed at times. I wanted to curl up in
a ball and pretend I wasn't there.
Why do people do that? Don't ever be one of those people.

Unfortunately I can't seem to find the other pictures, so these will have to give you a little
insight in the life of player and coach Stanley. I love to smile, but seeing him out on the
field playing or coaching makes me beam! It's amazing to see someone do
what they love and make a difference in the kids' lives.

I love you Coach Stanley!

♥Your girl in the stands