Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring Break Is Happenin'!

I should be packing, but instead I'm blogging. It always seems to happen when I should really be 
doing something else, but isn't that why I said I partially started this blog way back when? It's a 
great way to procrastinate on everything else that needs to be done. This is what 
packing currently looks like...definitely not like my trip to LA.

We're headed to Colorado! We've got some friends in Boulder and Denver, so we'll have plenty 
of things I'm sure we'll find to keep us busy. In fact, as soon as we fly in we're suppose to head 
straight to the mountain to snowshoe to a cabin! Chris and Courtney will be great tour guides 
for the weekend and then they have a million options for us throughout the week. They are 
awesome people everybody should know!

Chris & Courtney at a wedding we
went to last year in SD, CA

When we head to Denver, we'll also be hanging with Hannes. Not too long ago he got a cute little 
puppy who has since grown to climb trees. The dog is quite the climber and jumper that he made 
the news recently! I wish I had the link to show you guys, but hopefully I'll have some proof 
by the time we get back next week.

Sorry Hannes, your dog beat you to making it on the blog.
We can't wait to see you both though!

Ya know what I find to be kinda cool? We don't have to put our mail on hold or even ask
anybody to check our mail...we live in such an old place, we still have our 'mailbox'
attached to the house. That means it goes straight into our coat closet. How
sweet, right? Maybe not to you all, but I love it. Send us mail so we have
a full closet full when we return!

Yesterday I was walking down to the tea house and at some point between the 5
blocks I have to travel to get there from our house, I apparently lost my ID and
debit card. I went to pay for the tea and it was no longer in my pocket.
I went up and down streets, couldn't find it at home, then went back
to the streets...and a young man did a good deed yesterday by
holding onto the cards rather than spending all my money.
So now we can still afford the trip and I have an ID I can
use to get on the plane. All is good, although I was
sweating for that hour they were missing!

Colorado here we better hold true to your beauty, adventures, and all the love people 
have for you. We are leaving 70 degree weather for 30-50s for our spring break. 
Show us what you've got!

♡The Stanleys

PS-We'll only have a couple posts this week while we're'll get to see the paleo 
BLD +snacks review in a variety of ways and our monthly resolutions which we 
are looking forward to tackling next month!