Friday, March 1, 2013

Spring, You There?

This is a dumb post, don't have to tell me twice. However, I'm super excited because this 
is what I found this morning when I came back from an early AM walk...

Not only is this a dumb post, but you get an awful picture to go with it...of dry dirt, a
not-so-tended-to garden, and little sprouts of what will hopefully be flowers soon enough.

But want to know why it makes me super excited?

Well number one, the local cats and squirrels like to dig everything up in our little garden in 
the front yard so this means they didn't get ahold of this one and only bulb I planted late last 
fall/early winter. So we just may have one flower in our garden. It may look a bit odd, but who 
says we can't be a little different on the block?

And second...does it mean that spring is right around the corner?! Ahh, I could scream! 
I scream because the LA trip will be here in 2 weeks, then our spring break trip, my birthday,
Kari's wedding festivities, and then our big summer trip!
Don't make me pee my pants you guys.

This morning made for a perfect morning walk as the sun came up, it's warm--well warm 
for a March morning, and I get to go hang out with the two coolest little kids ever!

Hello March, bring on Spring!