Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Thanks for the love LA

By the end of the weekend, I had my new name. Celia. Kinda like celiacs,
but Celia instead. It started out when Katie told the waitress I had
celiacs, which then led into Katie turning to me and saying 'oh my celiac.'
She made it sound like I was her pet bug or something. Weird, but funny.
It turned into 'oh Celia.' And that's how I got my name. It just stuck.

Here's how we did LA in 2 days...

Walked through Venice
where there were the largest succulents everywhere,
cute shops, and one heck of a German brunch restaurant!

who woulda thought...Eugene, OR in LA. whaa?

being just us at Chris' place. typical.

us trying to act like history teachers.
chris takes her clothes off apparently.

we drove by beautiful homes
and streets with palm trees.

made a pit stop in a huge candy store and bakery.

I gave up paleo for a minute...

don't judge

we rented cruisers

cruised down Manhattan beach

while wearing pink mustaches and 'smoking'
cigarette gum

we shopped around for a beach home

each one is so different from the others

then we stumbled upon these dirty riders...
they bump to some beats.
they have hydraulics on their wheels. no big deal.
they have a dirtay mama. she leads the gang.
and they even have a small rider.

but then there was us. we got lots of compliments,
lots of looks, and some good laughs.
We may have been some good competition for them.

and then we saw bulldogs tied together.
you're only as good as the strongest one that pulls you
in one direction I guess. this must suck.

is this me or is this me? Seriously.
I found where I belong in LA, but forgot
to grab a tee for the road.

and then we ate out...for every meal.
some of the best food ever down in LA.
they know how to cook!

spicy cojita lime corn on the cob.
why would you not eat this?

These are the only pics I captured for the weekend. We could not have had such a perfect 
mix of activities that fit each one of us girls. The only thing we didn't see was a celeb. Not 
that I wouldn't even known if they were standing right in front of me anyway. So so so much 
fun! My suggestion to all you lady friends/sister friends/nutty friends:

plan a weekend. have a crazy, fun, adventurous trip. do it big or don't do it big...just do it!

♥ Cor