Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Day After

Sometimes work poops me out. This time I'm not literally meaning 'poop' as I normally do. Just 
using it as a general statement as though it 'wiped' me out or 'exhausted' me. You get what 
I'm saying. Even if the 2, 12 hour days aren't that exhausting somehow the day after those 
2 days I look like I haven't slept and my energy isn't quite there. I like to use the day after 
as a personal day. I get up when I want to (7am is sleeping in), I do what I want to, 
I make lists and don't care if I truly get anything done (this is a partial lie, 
I get slightly anxious if I've done absolutely nothing).

But yesterday! Oh my was it a beauty. I got up early yesterday to hit the gym, spent some time 
hanging out with Aubry afterwards, then went to return some craft items and got sent away 
because I left my receipt on the lounge at home. Gah! How frustrating to drive across town 
without the receipt and have to turn around?! Nothing was open or used, 
why couldn't she just help me out a little?

Ok, but really. I had intended to do A LOT yesterday, but when that sun came out...that 
'a lot' turned into 'a little.' And I'm cool with that. Somehow when the sun comes out, I can't seem 
to get a whole lot done. Even in nursing school, I'd attempt to study while sitting outside. Yup, 
I'd either fall asleep or close my eyes instead of studying. It happened. I still got through 
nursing school though.

I got some time to myself relaxing, reading, looking up things to do for Colorado and our 
summer trip, and we made a nice little dinner for ourselves when Ty got home.
I made a quick yummy treat you all need to make...it will be posted tomorrow!

Let's get real. I did read, but how much reading did I really do when it was this nice.
I was using it as a prop in the front yard while I was really trying to get a tan so the neighbors 
thought I was reading on the front step. Really I was spying on everybody in the 
neighborhood, watching cars go by, and working on some lines. 
Tan lines, not lines like drug lines.

PS-notice the book...I've continued the goal of reading a book each month to two months. 
#monthlyresolutionscontinue #developinghabitsmonthtomonth

And best news ever for Kari...she got the day shift position in float pool!!! That absolutely
deserves 3 exclamation marks. That means we get to work together and hang out all the 
time. It will be like hang outs at work...no it wont, I know. Hospital nurses know 
better than that. We don't have time for that stuff. But nevertheless, she got 
the job and we'll at least see each other more often! Congrats my friend!

Hope you all enjoyed the sun as much as I did!