Friday, March 22, 2013

The Faux Faberge Egg

During my trip to South Africa in 2008, I met two of the most awesome people on the 
flight overseas. If it weren't for the two of them, who knows, I'm not so sure I would've made 
it out of that airport! I had no form of communication to contact family at that time and no
 way of getting out of Cape Town until the following day. My choices were to either stay 
the night in the airport with the chance of something happening to me or go with these 
'strangers' I just met on the plane to their hotel room. Either could have gone the wrong way 
I suppose, but I just had this sense about the two of them that I'd be alright. And guess 
what...that little sense I had in my early 20s did me good because Trevor & Nicole have 
since provided a home in New York to visit them and have made the trek out to our 
wedding! They were the ones who traveled the furthest to be there on our big day. 
Don't you all wish you knew these two? They rock!

Anyway, they're awesome in a million ways. Nicole is ever so crafty and I love that
 she does amazing intricate projects like these. She sent me this idea she did years ago 
for her Easter decor and we hope you all will give it a whirl!

From the words of Nicole 
(and please, enjoy the humor in her directions. I got a kick out of them!)

I read your blog every morning on my train commute to NYC. I love the DIY projects
and your cupcakes are always so festive for the holidays or any random occasion. I was 
very much into crafts and artistic works when I was in my 20's. I wanted to share one 
of my favorite craft projects ( got the idea and mimicked it pretty well, in my opinion, 
from Martha Stewart mag), the embellished blown egg or faux Faberge Egg.

Set eggs out to room temp. Once room temp get a long thick threading needle and a 
med size bowl. Carefully poke a hole at the narrow end of the egg with the needle. Turn 
egg over and poke a larger hole than you did at the top on the fat end,  you are prepping 
your egg to be blown....this could get R rated..But I will keep it clean and give you the best tip 
about blowing EGGS (super important, unless you are in the porn industry). When you poke 
the larger hole in the bottom of the egg stick the long pin deep into the egg and swirl it around
to break the yolk inside but not making the hole too much larger.  \You want to keep the
hole about a third to a half of a size of a green pea (depending on blowing ability ;)) Blow
the contents of the egg from the smaller end out of the bottom larger end into the bowl
(use eggs for paleo breakfast...hehe). If you have a stubborn yolk and feel like your cheeks
are going to unhinge from your jaw as you are blowing you can make a slightly larger
hole at the top and bottom and you can poke around with the pin some more to ensure
the yolk is mush.
Once you have blown as much of the yolk and whites out, place your finger over the small 
hole and fill the egg with luke warm water through the larger hole, cover both holes, shake 
gently and then blow the water contents out. Repeat until egg is clear of goo. Let dry for 
several hours.  
Once dry you can just paint designs on the egg with acrylic paint and or embellish 
with some rhinestones, glitter or bows. One of the more time consuming but rewarding 
design is the "faux Faberge Egg". You will need thin thread. I prefer gold or silver with 
matching small beads. You will need glue, a small short needle and a steady hand and
the ability to follow a cross or weave pattern through the beads that you have glued equi 
distant down the sides of the egg.

If you really want to get crafty you can take a Dremmil Drill, use the diamond cutter 
tool and cut an oval door on one side of the egg. Once removed affix a mini, doll house 
type of hinge on one end to create a door. Pipe the entrance and door to the egg with 
your choice of color piping. Paint the inside a pale blue and glue a pearl on the bottom 
on the inside of the egg attach a string from the bottom of the pearl and attach a small 
deco butterfly to the top of the egg connected with the string on the egg.

If you really want to get crazy you can cut a basket shape out of the egg with the 
Dremil Drill and place tiny silk flowers in the bottom of the egg and line the basket
holder with a ribbon of your choice. This will usually end up with many cracked
eggs in the process, but it's fun trying. make the egg stand on end use 3 to 4 beads glued on the bottom in a 
triangular or square pattern.

Thanks for sharing Nicole!