Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Silver Lining

The title of this post has a variety of meanings behind it. Better believe I will share each meaning.

*One: we went to see the movie Silver Linings Playbook last night. That's the most obvious 
meaning. It was great. Loved the psych issues, loved the actors/actresses, loved their odd love.
And we went to an early movie on a Wednesday night. How cool are we? 

*Two: I had enough trips to my "office", on my "throne", or in "the john" (whatever you 
want to call it) yesterday that I spent what seemed like half my day in the bathroom and half near 
the bathroom. That's right, no straying too far from that darn thing. That became the silver lining 
and not in any glorious way...I gave in to the throne. Don't tell me you've never had any issues 
and don't be one of those people who pretend they don't...ya know the ones who fart and act
like it wasn't them. Or the ones who poop and say they're not sure why the toilet clogged.
Come on, really? 
Those things don't just slip by people without them noticing. None of us are idiots.

*Three: what we ate last night was my hope of lining my tummy with something that
would stop my issue. Nothing silver about that one. But I wanted to share what we ate...

My friend Aubry, the genius she is, suggested making a lovely grilled cheese sandwich. The 
idea was to 'stop that ish'...literally. So Ty and I skipped out on our dinner plans and went for 
the easy, cheesy grilled cheese sammy! We used up the rest of our paleo bread, slapped some 
cheese in the middle of the slices, and dipped it in some yummy tomato soup. It was a lovely 
primal dinner and close enough to paleo I suppose!

I took it a step fact took the cheese back to the glory middle school days where an 
old friend and I use to come home after practice, melt cheese on a plate and eat it like 
nobody's business. How nutritious is what you're thinking, I know. I'm still dreaming about 
more cheese, melted on a plate. Part crispy, party melty is just perfect. Thanks for hooking us 
on it Mom. Gah, it was amazing!

Anyway, the movie. If you haven't seen it, go see it! I caught myself laughing out loud. There 
were only 5 other people in the tiny theater in downtown Vancouver, so it was like having my
friends over for a movie night in our giant living room except that we don't have a giant living 
room or a TV. I'm pretty sure I laughed a couple times more in part due to the nursing side of 
the psych patients...oh how I can relate in the nursing standpoint as well as when I feel a 
little looney! Plus I love when people fall in love, real or fake. It doesn't matter. 
It wasn't a bad ending and that's a good thing in my book.

To top it off, I made Ty tell me our love story before bed. No, I'm not a child that requires stories 
before bed, but every now and again it's a fun story to look back and see where we are now. I
could hear our story every day and it will never get old. I love his side, my side, the thoughts,
the awkwardness, the paths that brought us to where we are now, and so on. When we sealed
the deal 7 months ago, not that was the best silver lining. I love that man with my whole heart!

Now go see the movie, make a primal grilled cheese sandwich this weekend when it rains, 
and enjoy some QT with that hubby or wifey of yours!

Love to you all,
♡The Stanleys!