Thursday, March 7, 2013

Treat Your Bride!

I apologize for the dumb title. I couldn't think of anything else. Sorry.

I've posted a million things now for those who need wedding or bridal shower ideas.
Why not do just a little something 'extre' (as my grandma calls it) for the bride?

If you can remember, I once said 'make the bride feel special' and 'spoil the bride.' I
wasn't meaning to do it only on her wedding day or at her bridal about
doing it once a month! Here's a way you can start doing so if you need an idea. This is
something I did for Emily as her MOH and now I get to do it for Kari!

"Celebrating the Bride Month-To-Month"
My idea with this is to make the bride (and sometimes the groom) stop and relax, take a 
moment to think about what they're really planning for (wedding vs marriage), and of 
course, spoil her just a bit with a gift every so often leading up to the wedding. It's not 
necessary to buy elaborate gifts by any means. In fact, why not make some of them instead?

Start preparing your ideas 6 months to 1 year out from the wedding. Make a monthly list
of what you want to do, when you expect to give her the gift (I chose to give her a gift
at each monthly mark getting closer to the wedding...the 7th of each month), and
any additional notes you want to include with quotes, verses, etc.
Here's your first idea from our home to yours!

Box of Dates
1 wood box from a craft store
color(s) of paint, your choice
decor for box, again your choice
paper, any kind that fit your box's theme

*Side note: don't feel like you need to buy extra stuff just for this.
Trust me, you'd be surprised how much you could use around the house!
I was pulling out things left and right to see what would work as you can see here...

Step 1:
Write your bride a letter.
I don't care what you say, just write a nice letter to her. She deserve something nicely 
written, specifically to her. Tell her how this whole thing works, get her excited for the 
wedding festivities, or just tell her how much she means to you.

Step 2:
Make the box.
Paint it as you wish. Let it dry. Decorate it as you wish. Google box decor ideas if you
have no idea what to do. My suggestion is go to the craft store, see what's on clearance.
Use the 0.99 letters and/or get a package of fun buttons to decorate with. Here's what I did:

Step 3:
Decide what type of paper you want to write the date nights onto. Ideas can be scrapbook
paper, mini paper doilies, or kraft paper. Cut them into squares, circles, or whatever suits
your fancy. On each piece, write ideas for date nights. Make as many as you want, then
place them in your box.

Step 4:
Personally give the first gift to the bride or send it to her so she has something to
open each month! And if you haven't planned next month's gift, plan it now!

*Most important! 
Please, remind the bride that it's not about planning for the 
wedding, but planning for a marriage. A wedding is one day, a marriage is forever. 
The wedding process can easily take that mentality away when you get so wrapped up in it.
This box is a good reminder to them every month, if not more, to stop and take
time for themselves. Whether it be a date in, out, or a full day event.

Love to you all...brides, MOHs, & BMs. Enjoy every minute leading up to the big day!

♡ Mrs. Stanley