Thursday, March 14, 2013

'Try A New Fruit' Day

I made that day up. I've been making a lot of things up lately. First, the award for Ty last week 
for his most dedicated player & coach of 21+ years and now a made up fruit day. What's 
next? Probably another something lame, I can guarantee that.

But if you're interested, we're on this kick of trying a new fruit. And by on this kick, I mean 
this is only the second time we've done it. Our first one was a disaster. The fruit almost wanted 
us to like it, then it turned weird. It was a persimmon. It does something weird in your mouth 
and you need a lot of fluid to try to wash it down. Give it a try for fun one day. 
Actually, make someone else try it. That'd be more fun.

This time we searched high and low for a new fruit (no we didn't)...
and we decided on this lovely dragonfruit!

Cut it in half

Spoon it out to enjoy each tasty bite

Literally, every bite...

And a little suggestion for you all:
if you have kids, let them pick out a new fruit to test out each week while you're
at the grocery store. If you don't have kids (like us), let a random kid pick one
out at the store. Ok no, don't do that. Someone would think you're a creep.
Just grab one and see what happens when you get home. 
Never know what the inside of a fruit has in store for ya!

♥The Stanwees